Can i send an attatchment with sendmail?

Hello Expert,

Can i send an attatchment with sendmail?

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It would help if you could specify (a) what OS you're
using (b) what version of sendmail you're running  and
(c) whether the solution to your problem can involve a MUA
or not.
Isn't sendmail the "lowlevel"  program that takes care of the actual sending/re-routing of the mails? I thjough it depends which end-user mailsystem you are using (eg. elm, openmail, mail, ...)

I assume you want a command line solution. You will need at least uuencode, which comes with most Unix distributions, anyway.

The simplest, with no message, would be

uuencode filename filename | sendmail

With a message, it's a bit different. First create a file "msgfile" with the message you want to send, making sure you put at least one blank line after the message, then

uuncode filename filename >> msgfile
sendmail <<msgfile

You may of course, write this into a script or use some other more efficient method, but the basic idea should remain the same.

Here's a sample quick-and-dirty script ("sendattach"):


file=`uuencode $attach $attach`
sendmail $to <<END
Subject: $subject
To: $to




Replace with your address, of course, or remove the entire From: line to use your default address. Don't forget to chmod +x sendattach. Launch using something like

sendattach "This is a test" someimage.gif

Type in message, and press Control-D.

Hope this helps!

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cwc061097Author Commented:
Thanks Dirge for your help
Can u also make a sample script that i can use with perl 5
Thanks again

Hi. Thanks for the points!

You'd probably be better off using the MIME-tools Perl modules. The "mimesend" example should be a great starting point. You could even use it as-is in many cases.

You can get MIME-tools from CPAN:

Leave a message here or email me at if you need more help.

cwc061097Author Commented:
Hi Dirge
Thanks for the tip

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