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how do you add a taskbar on the win95/NT taskbar like powerdesk 97...
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maybe you could descibe this more

many people probably dont have powerdesk 97 or even know what it is... like me
BoRiSAuthor Commented:
What I mean is create my own taskbar on the 95 taskbar, like in IE 4 you can have multiple taskbars....

I have tried with SHAppBarMessage etc. but to no avail....
I know what you are talking about.  PowerDesk creates a variety of ToolBars.  These are floating or Docked (I dont have it on this machine, so I cant remember what the other one is).  Basically, if its docked, its like the Windows 95/NT Task Bar.  If its floating, its like Microsoft Offices' Application Tool Bar (or what ever its called).

There is a component called D-TOOLs (I think I found it on DSP).  Its a shareware program, but it does the lot.  Appart from that, I havent seen anything which will make a form dockable to the screen (not just the application).

Sorry I cant help you anymore than that.

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Hi boris & all

I think boris is trying to create a taskbar-thing that sits ON the Windows 95 task bar, possibly in the tray window.  I.e. not a separate app bar, but a window INSIDE the existing Win 95 app bar (Taskbar).

Is that correct boris?  Now I may have a chance of getting that thousand bucks off you after all!!  ;-)

BoRiSAuthor Commented:
well well

JimBob is back and as witty as hell I see...

Yip JimBob you hit the nail on the head, how do I create my own appbar in the 95/NT taskbar.......... ;-)

Hey borry!!

Here's some routines to get you started...

To get the HWNDs of some of the relevant taskbar windows:  (All variables are of type THandle (or Integer (or whatever)).)

  // Get Win 95 taskbar.
  hTaskbar := FindWindow('Shell_TrayWnd', '');

  // Get tray area on task bar.
  hTrayNotify := FindWindowEx(hTaskbar, 0, 'TrayNotifyWnd', '');

  // Get area of task bar where running programs sit.
  // hTaskSww is a window that sits on hTaskbar.
  // hSysTab (the window we're interested in) sits on hTaskSww.
  hTaskSww := FindWindowEx(hTaskbar, 0, 'MSTaskSwWClass', '');
  hSysTab := FindWindowEx(hTaskSww, 0, 'SysTabControl32', '');

Now, with these you can manipulate the size & positions of some windows.
E.g.  (rWin is declared as a TRect.)
  // Change position of tray area.
  if (hTrayNotify > 0) then
      GetWindowRect(hTrayNotify, rWin);
      SetWindowPos(hTrayNotify, HWND_TOP, rWin.Left + 1, 0, rWin.Right - rWin.Left, rWin.Bottom - rWin.Top, SWP_NOACTIVATE);

As an example of putting your Delphi form into the Taskbar, try this:
  // Put this form into taskbar.
  // Note: set caption = '' and BorderStyle = bsNone.
  // Also make this form quite small...
  Self.ParentWindow := hTaskbar;
  // This will put it over your Start button!!
  // Interesting project: write your own start button!
  Self.Left := 0;
  Self.Top := 0;  

Note, borry, this is only a primer.  You can fiddle, experiment and generally cause chaos with your system as much as you want...

BoRiSAuthor Commented:
K thanx JimBob the great...

Knew you would figure it out......

put it thourgh as a answer so I can award you your points man


Here's the answer, but if you need more info, just ask!


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BoRiSAuthor Commented:
Thanx JimBob

If I need Help I'll ask.........

Thanx man

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