The text of botons of setup screen no apear

I instal CuteFTP evaluation and immediately, when I open any setup screen of my windows 95, the text of butons "OK" "Cancel", etc, not apear, I uninstal it immediately but the problem do not solved.
I send e-mail to cuteFTP support but they doesn't answer.
You can see an image of my screen setup in
Can anybody help me?
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I looked at 
message said screen.jpg does nor exist.

If you did not uninstall with a uninstaller, most likely you have leftovers of CuteFTP left over in your system files.

WRPV3.ZIP is the Best and easiest Registry Backup/Restore I've Seen. Go To: and Search WRP: Install and backup.
This is a well written batch file driven bakup and restore, so it writes nothing
to your system. Far better than Microsofts URU.
Search your registry for CuteFTP and delete any entries refering to it. Also your win.ini and systems.ini.

Then reboot and report your results.


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qrtAuthor Commented:
I do it, but it thoes not solve my problem.

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Comment      From: qrt   Date: 10:42AM - March, 24, 1998 PST
"I do it, but it thoes not solve my problem."

What is your problem specifically. What are you trying to accomplish.

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qrtAuthor Commented:
If you cal see my screen.jpg in you can see that in the bottom of my screen setup apear 3 botons without text in it, only can see a line, it ocurrs after I install cuteFTP.
Ok, I see your problem.
Tell me how you uninstalled cuteftp.
I recommend you get, if you don't already have one, an uninstaller; I use cleanseep.
Then, using the uninstaller, reinstall CuteFTP, then remove it with your uninstaller.
it's apprarent that somethingh is lingering onyour system from Cute.
Here's my method for installing as I test tons of software.
My Foolproof Installation And Removal Method
Take 5 extra minutes on installations and you
will always have a uncluttered system; and maybe
prevent yourself from having to reformat your harddrive
and reinstall Win95.

Utilities Needed:

1. Get WRP, free.
    WRPV3.ZIP is the Best and easiest Registry Backup/Restore
    I've Seen. Go To: and Search for WRP and
    download it and install. It's a well written batch file operation
    that saves your,
    And will restore all to there original state if needed.
    This has save my tail on many occasions.

2. Wmatch.exe. This small free utility can be obtained from It's 199.526 in size.
    WMATCH lets you place the filenames of two directories in
    side-by-side windows, and then shows you which files are the
    same and which are different.

3. Cleansweep, or a good installation monitor that records
    changes to ALL system records. Including C:\Windows files,
    C:\Windows\System files, System.ini, Win.ini, Config,sys,
    Autoexec.bat, Protoco.ini, and most Important, your Registry.

    OK. 1st thing to do is make a new directory, I call mine A-win,
    then a subdirectory called A-sys. Putting these on a separate
    drive is preferable, but if you don't have a separate drive,
    the new directories will do just fine.

    Now, open two instances of you file manager side by side.
    Highlight all the files [not folders] in C:\Windows and Drag them
    to A-win, thus copying them. Then do the same with
    C:\Windows\Systems, Highlight and drag all files to Subdirectory
    Now you have a easy to get at backup of the important files.

3. The extra mile: Copy all between the double lines and paste it
    to notepad or your favorite text editor, then "Save as" Change.bat.
fc before.reg after.reg > changes.txt
OK, the installation begins:

1. Here, before you do anything, you open your registry and export
    the entire registry, named "BEFORE.REG" to C:\1
    (C:\1 is my saving directory.)
    Then after all the installation is finished you export again
    only call this Export "AFTER.REG".

2. Run Wmatch and make sure that there are no "Different" files between
    C:\Windows and A-win, nor C:\Windows\System and A-sys.

3. Run WRP backup for a fresh copy of your important system files.

4. Close all running applications; you must leave Explorer in your
    Task Manager/Ctrl+Alt+Del on. 95 won't run without it.

5. Start your Cleansweep Monitor.

6. Click Start.....then Run.....then type or browse to the setup program
    and run your installation.

7. If the program says to reboot, go to your Cleansweep Monitor 1st
    and Stop the Monitoring, save the report to a text file, name it the
    name of the "program.txt". Close the Monitor then reboot. Not all
    programs need rebooting on installation.
    OTHERWISE, After the installation of your new software you should
    run it once before you stop Cleansweep Monitor.
    Most of the programs store their settings not only during the installation
    but during the first start. To log these modifications too, it is recommended
    to start the program once, open some windows before you stop and
    save your Cleansweep Monitor log.

8. Open your registry and make your "AFTER.REG"
    then open a dos window and CD to you C:\1 directory and run your
    "Change.bat". That will produce a text file that neatly shows you all
    of the changes made to your registry. I always rename the
    "Change.txt" to the name of the program.

9. That's it. You now have all changes recorded and the ability to
    completely uninstall it if you don't like it.

10. If you're going to keep it, run Wmatch.exe and copy all new files
      to their corresponding directories; A-win and A-sys.
      If you want to uninstall it. Run Cleansweep remove. That takes care
      of everything in most cases. If your removing the application either
      right away or soon, when you do, re-boot to Real Dos Mode and
      CD to WRP, EXAMPLE:
      C:\WRP>RESTORE [enter]
      and it will put your registry and other system files right back in the
      exact shape they were in before the installation.

11. Run Wmatch to see that it shows no differences in your windows
      files or your windows\system files periodically.

12. This sounds like a lot more work than it really is. It's about 5 extra
      minutes on installations and you will always have a uncluttered

Did you save your registry BEFORE you installed Cute??

Hi qrt

I think I know little about your problem, it's rather rare then
widely "popular" case. And I remember, I did test install - uninstall
Cute FTP  (it was about ~ october 9 last year, release day of
Cute FTP 2.0) - just for trying similar effect.

  This can be caused by a corrupt or missing Marlett font, which is a
   hidden font located in the Fonts folder..

Try this:
   Replace the font by extracting a new marlett.ttf file from your
   original installation media. The file is in the cabinet
   file on disk 6 if using floppy disks, or in the cabinet
   file if using the CD ROM. To do this, type 'extract /E /L
   C:\Windows\Fonts win95_0_? marlett.ttf' at a DOS prompt, or use
   CabView, one of the PowerToys. You must set the file's Hidden and
   System attributes after extraction by typing 'attrib +s +h
   C:\Windows\Fonts\Marlett.ttf' at a DOS prompt.
Please note: Cute FTP do NOT use registry for storing own
config data, instead of this prg using Cuteftp.ini in own folder.
... But if U uninstalled prg and want clean registry from Cute FTP
U can check and remove these keys:

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\pfc\CFK15]          ----  this is for vers 1.8
@="3518732c,1"         <-- here and below might be some different lttrs/#

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\pfc\CFK20]          ----  this is for vers 2.0

 Be carefull - this a Registry, play safe, do registry backups
before editing registry.
 Key is \pfc\.. not \.pfc\.. its in lower part of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
 If key \pfc\.. have ANY additional entries: subkeys, values etc..
 do  NOT remove \pfc\.. - only remove CFK.., If there nothing
 more - just as above - highlight \pfc\.. and click Delete.

BTW this key not connected any way with your problem,
remove this only if U want clean from Cute FTP registry
 (prg uninstall will not remove this key).

OK now try 1st part - reinstall Marlett.ttf
and let us know if it helps.

Regards, Happy1
qrtAuthor Commented:
Helo, finaly the cuteFTP support answer my e-mail, the problem was that cuteFTP update comctl32.dll to last version and it have problems if win95 is not patched. I recover my comctl32.dll of my original win95 and my problem was solved. This dll is in windows\system directory.

Thankyou smeebud for your counsel to test programs, they are very  interesting.

Tahkyou to all.

You're welcome.
I've sent you me method for trying out software.
I think you should use it. I do and it saves me tons of grief.

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