SMTP/POP decode/encode with Delphi3

hi there ....
I do use the SMTP and POP3 ActiveX component that borland supply with it's Delphi 3 to create a simple mail Client program,
and i need to know, if these ActiveX component do decode/encode email in Base64,Quoted-Printable and UUENCODE...
if so please tell me how to, and if u give an Example it will be more persuasive to give ALL points.


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In order to use advanced mail features you need the TMime component of NetManage,
Do you have it?
dyancerAuthor Commented:
it's great how fast you gave comments :)
i have not the TMime commponent,
if it's free and u could offer it to me then
please email it to

Before that, What kind of application you intend to build with SMTP and POP3, a Mail Server?
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dyancerAuthor Commented:
no, just a mail client.
server mail is a future plans, and it still in paper ONLY.
it already function properly, but it lacks the encode/decode mechanism.

dyancerAuthor Commented:
no, just a mail client.
server mail is a future plans, and it still in paper ONLY.
it already function properly, but it lacks the encode/decode mechanism.

I have built a mail server. At first I used the NetManage components, but it made many problems:
1. Many exceptions of many kinds, expecially OLE exceptions.
2. Work very slow.
3. I couldn't make them work Multithreadedly.
4. NetManage no longer supports these components for a long time.

I don't have the TMime anymore, NetMaster is now developing them:

I Think the TMime is included in the Visual Basic patch.

But, I strongly recommand you not to use them. Use VCL's instead. In most of them the MIME and SMTP are united to one component.

Here are few:
1. François Piette - set of internet components, free:

2. TCPIP.ZIP is a set of internet components by Andreas Horstemeier - free:

3. MIMESTUF.ZIP, contains general info about encoding email - free:

4. FREENET.ZIP, SMTP and POP3 components - free:
the Delphi Super Page:

5. SMTP and POP3 componets by Argo Software. Very functional and cheap:

6. The SMTP Protocol:

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dyancerAuthor Commented:
my first Question still not answered!
again, do the ActiveX component (SMTP/POP) that come with delphi 3 support mail encode/decode, if so how to use them?
we are an ISRAELi company for word-processing
please email me to if u want to talk about a nice offer!
The SMTP ActiveX do support encode/decode mail, but only with conjunction of the TMime component. I'll explain:
With the TSMTP you can only send simple mail messages, that is headers+a text message, but you cannot send any attached binary files of any kind.
The TMime component cannot work by it's own, it works together with the TSMTP in order to enable you send attached files via the encode/decode or mime structure. As far as I remember, the connection between the two is made through the DocInput method.
I looked for the TMime in the VB package and Internet, but couldn't find it. I cannot send you an example because I don't have the TMime. You need to contact NetMaster.

But, as I said before, do expect many problems, working with these ActiveX components.
Some Isrealies work with the Argo Software components (low price) which I think support what you need and much more.

dyancerAuthor Commented:
I'm trying to build a MAPI Server (more Like Eudora than Exchange), Exchange is a multipurpose messaging server (that enable Fax/LAN/email sending/recieving/storing ) whilst Eudora
enable email operations only)....
in my last Question about smtp/pop decode/encode you have mentioned that you already wrote a mapi server program, how did u do that! is it written with delphi?

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