The Text Formatting command is not available...

I reinstalled windows 95 (a couple times) and now I get the following error message when I try to open email received in Microsoft Outlook:

"The text formatting command is not available because it may not be installed correctly.   Please install outlook again".

This means that while I can do other outlook functions, I cannot read my email.  

And when I tried to reinstall outlook, I got the follwoing error message:

"Setup was unable to download information about available installation sites,  etc etc etc."

Ever since I reinstalled Windows 95 I've also had a similarliy weird problem with Word 97.  I won't go into details here about the Word problem, but I figured I should mention that Outlook is not then only problem that has resulted.

Any suggestions?

Rowby GorenAsked:
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Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
I think the problem may be a visual basic problem.

If so, can I reinstall visual  basic from the WIndows 95 installation disk?

Hi Rowby! Actually your problem is not all that uncommon on some machines. Here's a method that I believe will fix the problem, but please follow it exactly in the manner posted.

1. Visit the Microsoft free software download site, Office 97 updates. Download the Office 97 Service Release (presuming that you have either Office 97 or Office Pro 97), but don't install it yet! If you are using standalone versions, let me know.

2. Disable all Antivirus programs that may be running.

3. Have your Office 97 CD disk available. Now, using your "Ctrl"  "Alt" and  "Del" keys, open the Close Programs dialogue box and close all running programs except for Systray and Explorer.

4. Reinstall Office 97 over the top of the existing installation, it will run in the Administrative Mode and correct most of the base problems. Restart the system as necessary.

5. Now setup Office 97 by running each program the first time to set all the directories and eliminate the new startup and registration files (these will remove themselves once started).

6. Again, using your "Ctrl"  "Alt" and  "Del" keys, open the Close Programs dialogue box and close all running programs except for Systray and Explorer. Now locate the Service Pack executable file for the Office 97 Service Release and install it. This is a big fix and will take some time even with the fastest machines. Restart the system as necessary.

7. Now check Outlook and tell me what occurs.


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Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for the response.

I guess I should add, however, that I'm NOT using office 97, but Office Professiona. 4.3.

My copy of OUtlook is the Beta copy.

Please note that I am also having problems with Word for Windows 97 -- ever since I reinstalled Windows 95 over the old copy.

If you look in the Experts Exchange "Word" section you'll see the exact problem I'm having.

Looks like registry.  Or could it be something to do with Visual Basic....

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Rowby, you have alot of things there that really shouldn't be working together at all. I wish you had mentioned the Beta Outlook before though. Which Beta is it, 98? VB5 is the latest, if you want to try it!
Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:

I have Outlook 98 Beta 2 (8.5 4807.6)

It was working fine until I reinstalled windows 95.

Word for Windows 95 is also not working, and nether is Internet Explorer 4.x  

Netscape 4.x is working fine though, as is Notepad, and other programs.  It's as if all Microosft products which require (and being a non-expert here I'm really guessing) programs which reqoure "OLE" (whatever that is) or Visual Basic (whatever that is) aren't working anymore.

I've backed up all my text and data  files, and I think what might be simplest is not just to overwrite my existing Windows 95, but to do a format of my hard disk and start from scratch.  I have the Windows 95 cd, of course.

I have all the Toshiba IMG files which came with the computer copied, and would simply like to start with a clean slate.  It's a laptop which is just a month or so old so I don't have many files/programs on it.  

Wouldn't that be the most straightforward thing to do at this point?  What do you think?
Given that the laptop does not have very much on it by way of data and other programs, I would be inclined to format and start over. However, you may be able to fix the install, it's up to you. We can put the OLE support back on, that's not a problem, and IE can be put back on as can Outlook 98. I always look to formatting and install for long term stability and use setp /d /p f only when a reinstall can't be done because of installed applications. Thinking about it, if your going to do a full reinstall, not a minimum install and then restore from backup, I think I might go that way. Nevertheless, I'll help you either way.
Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Well, would it be easy for you to explain how to put OLE support back on???

I'll was planning to do the reformat and a FULL install this aftrnoon, but if you reply I'll check here first!

Sure, just visit the Microsoft free software download site and at the Windows 95 update section, download the OLEUPD file. This will reinstall and update OLE for you be reinstalling it in the registry.
Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Well, I downloaded OLEUPD and installed it, but it didn't fix the problem.

No changes whatsoever (after rebooting, of course.)

So I guess now's the time to do a reformat and complete reinstall.

I await your comments (!

Sounds like it too me as well. When you do the install though, choose custom instead of typical and go through each of the component areas and choose exactly what you want. When you come back up, I'll give you a hand super tuning it.
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