class for WIN-CGI

I have develop a class for Win-CGI but I cannot seem to be able to return the my response to client. Each time I run my program it seems to work but I get the following message in my browser window.

CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:

I use the IIS 4.0 web server.
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In the CGI interface, you have to build the HTML header by yourself. The design of a HTTP response header is defined in RFC 2068, section 6.2 ( Briefly, a HTTP response header can look like:
(only the text between the lines count, CR+LF and blanks are important !)
HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Server: MyPrivateServer
Content-length: 123
Content-type: text/html

The header ends with 2 CR+LF, then comes the content. Note that the Content-length value should set appropriate.

I forgot, everything in the header is case sensitive.
malalandAuthor Commented:
No good, My server hangs with these lines.
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Hi (again) malaland,

could you send a piece of code, at least the response part of the program.

Just a guess:

    WriteLn('Content-type: text/html');
    WriteLn('<TITLE>Hello !</TITLE>');

Something like that should work.

Leave our the line with the "Server:" and "HTTP/1.0" Keywords. It seems that your server is providing these additional header. So, like itamars example, it should read

var MyHTML : string;
  MyHTML := '<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Hello !</TITLE></HEAD>';
  MyHTML := MyHTML + '<BODY>Hello World</BODY></HTML>';

  WriteLn(Format('Content-length: %d', [Length(MyHTML)]));
  WriteLn('Content-type: text/html');


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malalandAuthor Commented:
I found a way. Unfortunately it did not have anything to do with what you told me.
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