Disabling MSDOS Prompt in Windows 95

How can I disable or block the access to the MS-DOS prompt in Windows 95?
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wtamvisetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you can block drive A:  
1. (Disable on windows95)
Right Click mouse on MyComputer icon and choose properties.
So you will see  many hardware driver that install on you computer.
In this dialog you can disable  hardware driver that you need.
(Driver A: , B: CDRom , network card , modem etc).
2. Disable  Drive A: with BIOS Setup.
I think you ever setup your computer BIOS. Go to BIOS Setup and set Disable Driver A: , Don't forget setup password too.

Have fun.!!
- open the registry
- create the key
- add "command.com" to the default value
mapadu2000Author Commented:
Making this changes to the Registry not worked.
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oops, sorry ! That was a too quick answer. The RestrictRun value contains all applications that are ALLOWED to run. Maybe this can help you any further.

To disable Dos-Prompt in Win95.
1. Hide all  file  "command.com" .  You can use "Files Find"  to find all command.com  in your harddisk  and  rename   or delete its.  (try to rename to command.xxx )
2. Create  file  command.exe  by  delphi.(small  program to show Message Box "You can't run dos." ) . Laster copy your command.exe to  Windows95\command\  directory.
3. However your user may copy file command.com from another computer.
    So you can protected by hide drive A:  (use SUBST program)

Comment :
If there are both command.com , command.exe  . Windows95 will run command.com.  (You can't rename  EXE file to COM file) . To create com file you can you TC2.0 :)  or ASM. If you can't create you own COM file  try this.

  copy  doskey.com  command.com
mapadu2000Author Commented:
How I block drive A:?
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