Data transfer

I have this external digital thermometer, which I need to communicate with. That should be done with hex codes, I need to send hex codes to the thermometer and receive hex codes from the thermometer via the serial or parrallel port, I prefer serial but both will do. Does anybody know about this?
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Use x10 in

Gal Betser
kogerAuthor Commented:
I need some code
See the Asnync Pro Components:
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Yo koger,

the easiest and nothing-cost way is using M.Cocco's freeware component! All credits to this person, he has really made a good component and is always very helpfull. Try it out. If you 've problems just ask and I help you, because I use that component too. Great demo included!

URL   :

Regards, Zif.

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kogerAuthor Commented:
I have got the component it looks great, but I'm not that good a delphi programmer, could you give me a quick ex. on sending and receiveing data with senddata and receivedata, it's the pointer part that tricks me :-(

Isn't the example of Cocco suffecient? Called ComTest.
I'll make an example, but only can give it to you tomorrow (friday), I have to go away this day, so no programming today :-(...

Regards, Zif.
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