URGENT!!!!ERROR 08501!!!!

During the execution of my app it appears the following error:RUN TIME ERROR '40002'
08501:[Microsoft][ODBC Sql Server Driver][dbnmpntw]
When i make the debug the code has stop in the .movenext
If i continue it gives a 'Invalid state for move' error....

This is the final phase of my job and i need to succeed in this app...
If you could tell me what is wrong in this piece of code i´ll be "deeply gratefull".

This procedure has the following objectives:

For each user in the table:
-Select all distinct user names and creates an array with the user_names
-For each user it selects all respective rows from the table
-Creates an Excell Sheet and add the user´s rows to it
-Saves the sheet.

All this code(except the creation of the users array) is inside a FOR...NEXT loop.
The problem is that with resultsets of about 500 rows there´s no error.It
appens when the resultset retrieves about 5000 rows.

Doubt:Inside the FOR...NEXT,afer opening the resultset do i have to close it before
      opening the next resultset?
      I´m asking this because usualy,the ubound of the array=100 users and if i don´t
      close the resultset after it´s finishing i open 100 resultsets!!!Is it like that???

Sub Create_Sheets()
Dim Cn As rdoConnection, Env As rdoEnvironment, conn As String, Mes As String
Dim rsltUsers As rdoResultset, total As Double, users() As String, cd As String
Dim xlApp As Excel.Application, xlBook As Excel.Workbook, xlSheet As Excel.Worksheet
Dim cnt As String, adress As String, usr As String, st As String, dt As String, hrs As String
Dim prt As String, tempo As String, rcvd As String, snt As String, pro As String
Dim sait As String, obj As String, a As Integer, risult As rdoResultset, TempoTotal As Double
Mes = Mid(Now, 4, 2)
a = 8
total = 0
Set Env = rdoEnvironments(0)
conn$ = "DSN=xxxxx;UID=;PWD=;DATABASE=xxxxxxx;"
Set Cn = Env.OpenConnection("", rdNoDriverPrompt, False, conn$)
Set xlApp = Excel.Application
Set xlBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Add
Set rsltUsers = Cn.OpenResultset("SELECT DISTINCT USER_NAME FROM Internet WHERE FLAG = 'V' AND MESES = " & Mes - 1 & "", 2, 2, 64)
While rsltUsers.StillExecuting
        With rsltUsers
            Do Until .EOF
                ReDim Preserve users(total)
                users(total) = Trim(!USER_NAME)
                total = total + 1
        End With
    For q = 0 To UBound(users)
        Set xlSheet = xlBook.Worksheets("sheet1")
        xlApp.DisplayAlerts = False
        With xlSheet
            .Pictures.Insert App.Path & "\imperio.bmp"
            .Cells.Font.Size = 12
            .Cells.Font.Bold = True
            .Cells.Borders.Color = RGB(0, 0, 0)
            .Cells(7, 1).Value = "Nº OCURRÊNCIAS"
            .Cells(7, 2).Value = "ENDEREÇO IP"
            .Cells(7, 3).Value = "USER ID"
            .Cells(7, 4).Value = "STATUS"
            .Cells(7, 5).Value = "DATA"
            .Cells(7, 6).Value = "HORAS"
            .Cells(7, 7).Value = "PORT"
            .Cells(7, 8).Value = "PROCESSAMENTO"
            .Cells(7, 9).Value = "BYTES RECEBIDOS"
            .Cells(7, 10).Value = "BYTES ENVIADOS"
            .Cells(7, 11).Value = "PROTOCOLO"
            .Cells(7, 12).Value = "SITE"
            .Cells(7, 13).Value = "FONTE"
            .Cells(7, 14).Value = "CODIGO"
            .Cells(7, 15).Value = "TOTAL(Segundos)"
        End With
Set risult = Cn.OpenResultset("SELECT * FROM Internet WHERE USER_NAME=" & _
        "'" & users(q) & "'" & "And FLAG = 'V' AND " & Mes - 1 & " = MESES order by LOG_DATE", 2, 2, 64)
        While risult.StillExecuting
        With risult
                    If .EOF Then Exit Do
                    cnt = !Contador
                    adress = !IP_ADDRESS
                    usr = !USER_NAME
                    st = !STATOS
                    dt = !LOG_DATE
                    hrs = !LOG_TIME

If Mid(hrs, 4, 2) >= 0 And Mid(hrs, 4, 2) <= 15 Then
      Mid(hrs, 4, 2) = "00"
ElseIf Mid(hrs, 4, 2) >= 16 And Mid(hrs, 4, 2) <= 30 Then
       Mid(hrs, 4, 2) = "15"
ElseIf Mid(hrs, 4, 2) >= 31 And Mid(hrs, 4, 2) <= 45 Then
       Mid(hrs, 4, 2) = "30"
ElseIf Mid(hrs, 4, 2) >= 46 And Mid(hrs, 4, 2) <= 59 Then
       Mid(hrs, 4, 2) = "45"
End If
                    prt = !DEST_PORT
                    tempo = !PROCESSING_TIME
                    rcvd = !BYTES_RECEIVED
                    snt = !BYTES_SENT
                    pro = !PROTOCOL_NAME
                    sait = !OBJECT_NAME
                    obj = !OBJECT_SOURCE
                    cd = !RESULT_CODE
                    total = !Total_Segundos
                With xlSheet
                    .Cells(a, 1).Value = CInt(cnt)
                    .Cells(a, 2).Value = Trim(adress)
                    .Cells(a, 3).Value = Trim(usr)
                    .Cells(a, 4).Value = Trim(st)
                    .Cells(a, 5).Value = Trim(dt)
                    .Cells(a, 6).Value = Trim(hrs)
                    .Cells(a, 7).Value = Trim(prt)
                    .Cells(a, 8).Value = Trim(tempo)
                    .Cells(a, 9).Value = Trim(rcvd)
                    .Cells(a, 10).Value = Trim(snt)
                    .Cells(a, 11).Value = Trim(pro)
                    .Cells(a, 12).Value = Trim(sait)
                    .Cells(a, 13).Value = Trim(obj)
                    .Cells(a, 14).Value = Trim(cd)
                    .Cells(a, 15).Value = Format(total, "###")
                For i = 1 To 15
                    .Cells(a, i).Font.Size = 10
                    .Cells(a, i).Font.Bold = False
                Next i
                End With
                a = a + 1
                TempoTotal = TempoTotal + total
                Loop Until .EOF
With xlSheet
      .Cells(a + 2, 1).Value = "Acesso Total:"
       If TempoTotal >= 60 Then
               .Cells(a + 2, 2).Value = Format(TempoTotal / 60,       "###.##") & " minutos"
                        .Cells(a + 2, 2).Value = TempoTotal & " segundos"
                    End If
                End With
            End With
        a = 8
        TempoTotal = 0
        On Error Resume Next
        Kill App.Path & "\" & Trim(users(q)) & "(" & UCase(Left(Mez, 3)) & ")" & ".xls"
        xlBook.SaveAs App.Path & "\" & Trim(users(q)) & "(" & UCase(Left(Mez, 3)) & ")" & ".xls"
        Set xlSheet = Nothing
        Set xlBook = Nothing
        Set xlBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Add
    Next q

    Set xlApp = Nothing
    Set xlBook = Nothing
    Set xlSheet = Nothing
    Call MAIL_SHEETS(users, Mez)

End Sub

Rui Pedro

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Examine the rdoErrors Collection for an exact description of the problem.

The program MoveFirst while processing a forward-only query.
To avoid this error, either change the cursor type to rdOpenKeyset, rdOpenDynamic, or rdOpenStatic, or call only MoveNext for a forward-only rdoResultset.


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