Creative dxr2 new drivers problem

I have a problem with the new drivers from the creative web site.

When I install these new drivers and software, if I load the player and
then try and load a .VOB file, the player closes without any error message.

I have tried the following:

1) removing via add/remove the original drivers then installing the new
2) installing the new drivers over the top of the original
3) deleting all files I can find that are referenced with DVD in the
registry and sys.ini/win.ini
4) removing all registry entries including hardware and dvd inf files so
that it re-detects the hardware correctly.

The old software plays .VOB fine!
Any ideas? I could really do with the new drivers as it is meant to resolve
problems with IE4 and MPLAYER. Mplayer will not work with the old or new

I have the latest drivers for all components.
Below is my system spec.

John D.

Component:                                    IRQ:      Manufacturer

P200MMX                                          Intel
2x 4GB UltraIDE                               14/15      Quantum
HP 7100i CD-RW                              14/15      HP
Creative DVD dxr2                              10      Creative
Creative AWE64                                    5      Creative
ATI Xpert@play 8MB PCI                        11      ATI
Travan 7GB tape backup with PCI controller            9      HP
ATI TV Tuner/Capture Card                              ATI
Matrox M3D                                    10disabled      Matrox
US Robotics 36600 internal                        4      USRobotics
10/100Mb Network card(unbranded)                  10disabled Unbranded
Printer Bi-dir                                    7      Mainboard?
Com 1/2                                    3/4      Mainboard?

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Sorry, is that a DVD-DROM drive, DVD-ROM writer, etc?

If it is either, I would recommend that you try Windows 98 when it is finally released, as it has TV tuner and DVD-ROM support built-in, as well as many bug fixes. It also supports memory above 64MB, and judging by your system specs you're going to see the benefits.

From what you have said the problem could be IE4 related. Before it came out Microsoft released a sound player/driver which was going to be a feature of IE4. Unfortunately, when I installed it I suddenly found that my WAV files wouldn't play in Windows unless they were certain formats. Didn't stop MS bundling the sound files with IE4.

Try removing IE4 completely and see what happens.

durcaj01Author Commented:
It is the Creative DVD-ROM DxR2 drive. Also, I lied. I really do have the Beta 3 of Windows 98 and so I can't really remove IE4. The DVD software that comes with Windows 98 doesn't work with the Creative MPEG decoder card. The Creative Software does not properly recognise it. I guess the reason is so that Creative have a cop-out clause if anyone says they are using Win98. As far as I'm concerned, there isn't any major core changes between Win95 and Win98 due to backward compatability. Anyway, looks like this is another unsolvable without re-insalling loads of software.
I'm just proposing these as answers, although they are not really solutions to your problem.

As the 32 bit Windows 95 drivers are not working, try installing 16 bit drivers for your hardware instead of 32-bit versions, and waiting for the release version of Windows 98 to come out.. By then Creative and Microsoft should have fixed the drivers. I quote:

UDF Features

                                 Industry selected file system for DVD
                                 Enables full interchange between computer-based and
                                 entertainment-based media
                                 Endorsed by world leading optical manufacturers

                            Independent hardware vendors must provide support for UDF in all
                            versions of Windows 95 with the exception of OSR-2 (Windows 95
                            B). Microsoft plans to provide UDF support within the Windows 98
                            operating system. Stand-alone players use UDF while computer
                            applications use the UDF bridge format which consists of both
                            ISO-9660 CD-ROM format and UDF.

In other words, it'll be Creative's job to support their drive under Windows 98, but Microsoft will provide support for the standards.

The only immediate solution other than that is to reinstall Windows 95 with the Creative drivers.

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durcaj01Author Commented:
Thanks. I don't really want to install the 16Bit drivers so I will just  put up with it since it does partialy work. Bit anoying though but I guess that is the problem with first releases. It seems to usually take about 4 or 5 releases to get it right. In MS's account, it takes about 10 releases with 10 services packs to get it right, but such is life!

John D.
Bloody Internet Explorer, that's what I say. Sound etc all worked fine till I installed it!

Forgot to mention - if you have Winamp installed (mpeg 3) that might casue problems as well.
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