Updateing DBGrid after submitting a SQL update

I use Delphi 3.0 and im accessing a MSAccess 97 database thru ODBC. I have a TTable connected to
the database. I use SQL to update a record in the database. All the records are shown in a DBGrid.
When  updateing I update the selected one.
How do I get update in the DBgrid??
How do i get focus on the updated record??
I have tried:
to get the update (i works), but how do I get focus on the changed record ???
Is there a better way then opening and closeing the table??
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mriderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can use procedure like this:

procedure RefreshTable(var T:TTable);
var MyBookmark: TBookmark;
with T do
  MyBookmark := GetBookMark;

it will re-read table and put your on previos active record

mnyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
mnyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
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1. Use Table.Refresh to see the new details.
2. Use FindKey or Locate to select the record you want.

mnyAuthor Commented:
I have tried to use Table.Refresh but I get an error meassage
from ODBC lookin like this:
genaral SQL Error.
[Microsoft][ODBC microsoft Access 97 Driver]Wrong number of parameters
I have made Refresh to an Informix Table via ODBC and it worked well.
What version of BDE do you have?
mnyAuthor Commented:
Im using BDE 4.00, and I'm using a Access 97 (.mdb) database.
I suggest you upgrade your BDE to version 4.51, then we will be wiser.
I know there are problems with BDE 4.0 and ACCESS.
Download Bde_upg.exe from the Borland site.

What u may do is to do a locate on the table for the record u just updated. This will bring the focus automatically to the corresponding row of the grid. Is there a specific reason for using a TTable component instead of a TQuery component ?. U can of course do the same thing with the TQuery component after making the update.


mnyAuthor Commented:
Well it works fine but....
I have a DBGrid connected to my table and bookmark works fine if i
only use it on records that fit in the grid with out scrolling it.
Say: I have 30 rows in my grid and I have say 40 records in the table.
If i bookmark the 31:st and up to 40 i get:
genaral SQL Error.
       [Microsoft][ODBC microsoft Access 97 Driver]Wrong number of parameters

What to do about that???
first, try to use native BDE to access Access ;)
it exists in delphi 3
second, how are you bookmarking you 31st record?
it is not physical number in normal database, you must
use finding record (see findkey routing)
so, when you go to 31st record using finding condition(ex. FindKey or GotoKey) DBGRID must do it record visible instead of if you'll use table1.disablecontrols.
I think, something wrong with you using of navigation

mnyAuthor Commented:
Ok its like this:
When i try to open the DB-alias (produced in ODBC32) in BDE i can open it,
but it won't let me look at the tables.

In my last comment I meant that in the program I'm building i have
a DBGrid that atmost have 30 rows visible. If i want to see the "31:st" record i have to
scroll down in the grid. Then my program lets me "dubbelclick" one record. The program
then presents a dialogbox where I edit the record. When I click "OK" an SQL updates
the record. Then I close and open the table to get it "updated" and the i would like
the record i just changed to be "highlighted". It works as long as i do it to the "30" first
records, but does not work if i scroll down and changes the "31:st"

hmmm..... can you show part of code which do this action?

mnyAuthor Commented:
I have solved it!!

I upgraded the BDE from 4.00 to 4.51 and then it worked
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