MDI window drawing

How do I draw an image onto the main MDI parent window in an application? If I put controls ( editboxes, labels, TImages ) etc onto the main form, only buttons, editboxes etc appear. Items like labels and images are nowhere to be seen! I've tried messing in the OnPaint event etc., but can't get it to work. ANy ideas??
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I think controls that don't have handles, that is, they are not child of TWinControl are not displayed.
In D3 use TStaticText(which has handle) instead of TLabel(which doesn't have handle).
andrewjbAuthor Commented:
Yes, that would work, but the controls are also visible 'through' any child MDI windows you've got. I basically am trying to provide a backdrop image to go on the MDI parent form, which is visible if you've not got any MDI child forms in the way.

Good Luck.
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andrewjbAuthor Commented:
Don't give up, ronit! Your first idea helped a lot. Any more suggestions ???
Regarding the TImage problem perheps this will help a bit:

  There is DEFINITELY a question hidden somewhere in the Delphi PAQ that that was the same as your question. If I remember correctly it was answered very well. If there was a search engine at EE we could find this previous example easily, however it's going to be quite a search by hand. Bear with me and I'll have a look for it for you.

Here is an extract of sample code that will draw in image onto the MDI main form.

Declare FPrevClientProc : TFarProc; in the form.

In Form Create.
FClientInstance := MakeObjectInstance(ClientWndProc);
FPrevClientProc := Pointer(GetWindowLong(ClientHandle, GWL_WNDPROC));


procedure TMainForm.ClientWndProc(VAR Message: TMessage);
  MyDC : hDC;
  Ro, Co : Word;
  with Message do
    case Msg of
      WM_ERASEBKGND: begin
                         MyDC := TWMEraseBkGnd(Message).DC;
                         for Ro := 0 TO ClientHeight DIV Image1.Picture.Height DO
                           for Co := 0 TO ClientWidth DIV Image1.Picture.Width DO
                             BitBlt(MyDC, Co*Image1.Picture.Width, Ro*Image1.Picture.Height,
                               Image1.Picture.Width, Image1.Picture.Height,
                               Image1.Picture.Bitmap.Canvas.Handle, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);
                         Result := 1;
                         else Result := CallWindowProc(FPrevClientProc, ClientHandle, Msg, wParam, lParam);
      Result := CallWindowProc(FPrevClientProc, ClientHandle, Msg, wParam, lParam);

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Hi There,
I was wondering if my example helped you or not.
I realised that there was a small error in the code.
Just remove the line:
else Result := CallWindowProc....

Everything else should be find.
TLabels and other such controls will not draw correctly unless you use this method. The TLabel control does not have a window handle. It therefore does not have a window. If you use the paint event to draw the background you will draw over the controls. By using the WM_ERASEBKGND message you do not interfere with the normal painting of these controls.

Let me know what you think of my answer.
I will be happy to assist furthur if there are any outstanding problems.
andrewjbAuthor Commented:

You also missed out a rather important SetWindowLong(...) after the Get.

The website quoted at Sherlock is basically the same as what you've said, except it talks about dealing with icon drawing too, and I don't quite understand this at the moment. D'you know what it is talking about?

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