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What is SUWIN?
Windows Setup

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aquarAuthor Commented:
The preinstall win95 system hardisk is TRANDITIONAL CHINESE language system.
But i want to install the english system in it.
The install process is perfact but when it going to the INSTALL
SOFTWARE ABOUT 90 % shows up "SUWIN ERROR",then i need to shut
down the power and try again.
Last, i found the way to solve it and been solved.
I will give you 100 points if you can talk the method .

I don't know what you mean about "talk the method", and given that you have not posted any specifics about your error other than your installing the english version over the chinese, but not the actual error being received, there's not much information to go on. There are approximatelt 15 basic reasons for a SUWIN fault, as SUWIN.EXE is the protected-mode Setup component responsible for calling all other DLLs used in Setup.

This probablem can arise from:

1. Bad Data Library Link
2. Incorrect registry or no registry entry for a DLL
3. DLL corruption
4. In excess of 1200 true type fonts from a previous install
5. Insufficient hard disk space to create a temporary setup directory.
6. Incorrect work group add-on
7. Corrupted SUWIN folder created during setup.
8. Previous version conflict.
9. Dual Win 95 versions on the same drive, partition or shared network install.
10. Incorrectly setup dual boot install between English (USA or UK) version and any other version.
11. Bad descriptor byte on the hard drive.
12. Conflict in the Nettrans.inf file in the SUWIN folder as well as in the X:\Windows and X:\Windows\Shared folders.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless with the information you have provided. Is this some sort of a game?


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aquarAuthor Commented:
The first wrong method of mine is that because I install the windows in the different directory.
Even thought the original directore is named c:\windows with its fonts of Traiditional Chinese and i install another in the
c:\win95 directory.
I think it will not be the same directory and will not mistake,
but it go wrong.
I think it copy the different fonts of display like the same
c:\program files directory.
So the right method is format the hardisk or delete the
c:\program files directory to reinstall the english
 version .
I will give you more points.

Okay, I see where you are going with this. The following should make it easier.

1. Yes formatting and reloading it is an issue, but you were on the right track before.

2. When you load to a different directory, you must rename all instances of to something else like WIN.123, WIN.124 etc so that your new install cannot use them.

If you need more, just ask and I'll help you!
aquarAuthor Commented:
You talk about rename the win.* to other subname.
But i think it is not opposition. The origion directory is
c:\win95 and the win.* files is in the directory,too.
So the first time i reinstall in the other directory c:\win95 should not be disturb.
So i think it is been disturb in the files of c:\program files.
I am instresting in something. I see your information and instresting it. Do you have MCSE?
I want to exercise it and not pass about it 070-067.
Can you discuss some problem with me to help some thing i don't
ever use before like UNIX with WINNT? TKS.
You are correct about the C:\Programs subdirectory. Generally when we so such an install, we add a directory and carefully install everything to that. As an example, we set up a directory structure like this.

When Windows 95 has been installed in the default method, it uses c:\windows and c:\programs. To get around this when we reinstall, we set up a directory such as you, c:\win95, but we do it in this fashion.


Yes, most of us here have our mcse, why do you ask?
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