Some body know where to download the game "The Horde"?

Some body know where to download the game "The Horde"?

if you know then please
give the adress

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Are you looking for the full game or a demo?

i need the full version.
You're asking for a commercial program which, unless i'm mistaken, should still be under copyright and thus protected under standard US copyright laws...  What you're asking for is illegal.

Unless of course the copyright has run out (Which it does after 7 years, i think) in which case its public domain.  In that instance, get on IRC (effnet, use server and go to the channel #OLDWAREZ and someone there should have it.  Downloading programs which havent expired or are still under copyright protection *IS* against the law, however, so make sure you double check on its availability.  Sharing a prison cell with someone just because you wanted a game is NOT a fair trade, IMHO.
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saar071697Author Commented:
please say me an ftp or http address.
thedark is correct. Give me 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 paid points, and I'll tell you where to get the game.
saar071697Author Commented:
i will adjust the points to 50 if you tell me.
saar, akb just joked.

(Mahakti et ha-mischak ha-ze mizman. Meshaamem :-()
for purchasing details, or, for a review, check:
for "cheat" codes. It was released in 1997.
or just type at Altavista:
"The horde"
try and see what will happen there.
saar071697Author Commented:
i dont want to buy it
  You "don`t want to *buy* it", but you want the full version?
What you are asking, is for someone here to help you pirate this
game.With the new "N.E.T." legislation, (No Electronic Theft)having, I believe, recently passed, pirating software
even for no-profit, "personal use", has become a crime carrying
potentially heavy fines and possible prison term.No one here
(in their right mind) is going to abet such an activity.You are
simply in the wrong place here for this type of "help".There is
PLENTY of this type of activity on Usenet.Might I suggest you
use or get yourself a good newsreader, and head-off to the alt.
binaries.warez.* groups, and leave us to help people with REAL
problems?Good day.

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This would include copyright laws.

A big THANKS to all the experts who have responded in the correct manner by not furnishing copyrighted information.

Linda Gardner
Customer Service @ Experts Exchange
You deserved this all. If you'd want freeware or shareware, that's ok! But on this manner, oh man: you're WRONG!
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