Cd Player tracks

How do you manipulate the tracks in Delphi when writing a cd player. An example of what I want to do is the Edit Play List feature in the microsoft cd player that comes with Windows
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If seeking a track or specific time is what you seek here is my answer which I have given previously:

      With the following you can seek to any (Trac, Minute, Second)
      But besure to add the MMSystem to you USES clause:

      procedure SeekToTrack(M : TMediaPlayer; Trac, Minute, Second: Byte);
       with M do
       if DeviceType = dtCDAudio then
         // we set the time to Track Minute Second Frame Format
         TimeFormat := tfTMSF;
         // This macro makes up a position from vars Frame is 0
         // for CDs
         Position := mci_Make_TMSF(Trac, Minute, Second,0);

Also by using TimeFormat of media player you can do other kind of seeks.



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spatAuthor Commented:
What I really want to do is show how many tracks are on the cd and the amount of time each one is.
Ok friend,

I do not know more direct way of doing this (this is simple also) but here is the code:
(always bear in mind that the properties such as Position and Length of the media player is in TimeFormat units.

//we declare this for easy manipulation since all return codes are in longints
  THMSRec = record
    Hours: byte;
    Minutes: byte;
    Seconds: byte;
    NotUsed: byte;

// getting number of tracks (simple is not it)
  T := MediaPlayer1.Tracks;
// getting the track length
procedure GetTrackLength(M : TMediaPlayer;Track : Integer; var H,M,S:Integer);
  TheLength: LongInt;
  TimeFormat := tfHMS; //be sure to set to information we require
  TheLength := M.TrackLength[Track];
  with THMSRec(TheLength) do
    H :=  Hours;
    M := Minutes;
    S := Seconds;

Bye, Igor
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