Kai's Power Goo and Windows NT 4

I tried to run Power Goo under Windows NT 4. But the interface is very confused and I can't work. What can I do? I think, this is a NT-specific problem. Under Win95, all works.


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gravityConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Firslt, check out how many colours your system is running in - if it's only 16, then it might well look a bit mucked up!

Next, try checking out the graphics acceleration in control panels, system, performance tab, graphics button, and setting it to full. It may be that your system can't manage without.

Finally, unlikely as you're running NT, is your machine powerfull enough, have enough memory etc. May be obvious, but then again, maybe not.
Metatools say that it SHOULD work on NT.
Here are their specs:

486DX, Pentium or Pentium Pro-based PC (recommended)
Windows 95 or NT
8 MB application RAM
16- or 24-bit color display              **Is this it?**
CD-ROM drive

Try the windows download here:


finally, anything of use here


Good luck!
Yes it is an NT thing.
haenggiAuthor Commented:
I know that this is a problem of NT. But I need a way to resolve it!

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The same reason that directx wont work in NT. It just wont
haenggiAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your answer. I couldn't resolve my problem regarding Power Goo under NT 4. I think my machine is powerful enough (PII-333, 256MB RAM, 20 GB Space on HDD...). The display color is set to 24 bit. I use a Matrox Millennium II 8 MB card.
I think, all is ok, but Power Goo still doesn't work. At their website, metacreations has written in the FAQ, that they can know and can resolve my problem. Please look at the FAQ. But I need the S/N for support. Unfortunately I've lost it.

Perhaps you can help me,

As far as I remeber, there should be the seriel no. displayed in the 'about power goo' or words to that effect part. I'm not sure if there is one (it's been a long time...) but try anyway.

Oh yeah, try my Atari ST web site:

Tacky or WHAT!
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