HP660Cse/HP550Cse conflicts?

   100 Mhz Pentium-S, Award 4.50 G Bios, Clone, 32 Meg,
   Win 95 4.00.950, sys resources > 80% free
   32 bit file system, 32 bit VM, no disk compression,
   No PCMIA.
   Printer is HP660Cse on dedicated LPT2

<ADDED INFO:> LPT2: is on an add in card and is ECP/EPP.
(LPT1 = Scanner, LPT3=ZIP drive, each on an appropriately configured dedicated port.) <End Added Info>

   Norton Utilities reports system as clean
   Mcafee reports no viruses.
   Minimal background activity (Explorer, Systray)
Latest 660Cse driver from HP both downloaded and delivered from HP by floppy (bitwise identical).

These symptoms are repeatable both under spooling and under "direct to printer".

   Case 1: HP660CSE driver only installed driver
     Quickbooks Pro: checks print, reports don't
     Cartridge can be aligned.
     Time & Chaos prints ok
   Case 2:  HP550CSE driver is the only installed driver
     Quickbooks Pro: checks & reports print
     Cartridge cannot be aligned (wrong printer)
     Time & Chaos prints ok

Case 3: Both HP 550Cse & HP 660Cse drivers installed, using run time selection:
     Cartridge will not align under either driver
     Quick Books checks print, reports don't under 660CSE
     Both print under 550Cse
     Time & Chaos barfs under both.
<added symptom>
case 4:
     If the 550CSE driver is installed and the 660CSE driver is not installed, then we can directly copy from
the Scanner (on LPT1) to the HP660CSE (on LPT2).  
     If we try the 660CSE driver, the copy fails, regardless of the presence of the 550CSE driver.
     If we try run time selecting the 550CSE driver with both the 550CSE and the 660CSE driver installed, the copy fails.
Only solution I have is basically use the 550 driver, and
deinstall it, and reinstall the 660 driver when cartridge alignment is needed, and then deinstall the 660 and reinstall the 550 for production.  This is obviously not very satisfactory.

HP does not have e-mail support, and their web site and phone support was unable to do anything but ship me another copy of the 660Cse driver on floppy.   It was the bitwise the same as the one I downloaded and made no difference.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have an HP Deskjet 500C, 550C, 660C, 693C and 870Cxi running on my PC without problems.

The way I achieved this was to install the Deskjet 660C to LPT1: (ensuring the bidirectional support is enabled for the printer and the port driver is "ECP Parallel port"). The 550C I put on LPT2, as it does not need bidirectional resources. I suspect your I/O card may have the port in the wrong mode for the 660C.

You can force Windows 95 to do this by removing the ECP driver for LPT2 and installing a normal Parallel Port at the same settings.

Check that the BIOS identifies LPT1 as running in ECP mode before installing the 660.

Finally, when you reinstall the drivers, put the 550C driver in first.

Let me know if you have any success.
NexialAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
NexialAuthor Commented:
   Thanks for the quick response:
The 550C driver should have been first, since we installed the 660 driver afterwards, but I will deinstall both and explictly reinstall them in that order to test this (It will be later this week however.)
Bios reports on all the ports indicate correct configuration.

From your comment, MUST LPT1 be running ECP/EPP for LPT2 to run that way, or was your request to check out LPT1 a typo?   LPT1 is
dedicated to the scanner.
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NexialAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question

What I mean is, the 550C doesn't need bidirectional printing but the 660C does in its default config. I have my 660C plugged into the passthrough on the scanner (EPP/ECP) and have set LPT2 to monodirectional by overriding the ECP port driver with an SPP driver, and attaching the 550C to it. You don't have to change any driver settings other than that.

Incidentally, I used the 660C configuration utility (you can get to it by unplugging your printer and trying a communication test, then clicking on the link in Troubleshooting) to disable the Windows Printing Technology and Bidirectional Printing.

HP actually state that bidirectional printing is unreliable in certain circumstances, and it's worth eliminating that as the cause.

You will still have all the functionality of the software, but you won't get intuitive error messages. It's never been a problem for me since I've never found it hard to identify the cause of a print error (usually an empty cartridge or failure to load paper).




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You need to download the Win95 SP1 (Service Pack 1).  This will update your windows version to v 4.00.95a.

This update also contains the updated LPT.vxd files that will solve your problem.

Oops. Thanks, Joel. forgot about that.

I think, though, that the 660 drivers include the updated driver. I know when I installed it, I had to reboot. Although that may have been the Windows Printing System. Either way, though, I had no problems on Win95A (or even the beta) with either of these printers, when I used the installation software.

Still, anything's worth a try.
Just let us know when you have some results.


If my answer is accepted but it turns out the service pack contributed to the solution, I'll post a question to you and give you some points.
No sweat tstaddon, not concerned about the points.

Did you ever get that 1.2g laptop hard drive RMA'ed back to Hitatchi?
Yes! And they replaced it!

That has got to be the best tip I've ever had. Thanks for the help on that one. I've been repairing PCs for years and that had me totally stumped. Mind you, I'm only 22 so I've got plenty of learning to do yet.

If there's anything I can do in return (but judging by your experience it's highly unlikely!), post a question to me.

That's what I like to see my friend,
I just turned 24 yesterday! (4-6)

and I've got plenty of learning to do yet myself...
NexialAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you.   I will be testing this weekend, and these answers (and their accompanying explanations, which are at least as valuable) give me a direction, and a place to start.

Very much appreciated
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