Automated Installation of MSIE4 for Windows 95 & 3.11

Hi Guys - I dodn't really know where to put this one - and as it's worth a fair few points I can't really spread it around.

I have to write 2 scripts 1)to be run in Windows 95 2) to be run in Windows 3.11 to automatically install MS Internet Explorer V4.01.

I've never really done this sort of thing before. I've written scripts in DOS (batch files etc) which will automate installation, but nothing more adventurous.

How easy/difficult is this to achieve? Or am I better issuing the MSIE executables as distributed by MS and supplying a written script?

The installation will be applied to a variety of machines and capabilities, range 486 25Mhz to Pentium II 233Mhz. Manufacturers include Fujitsu, Dell, Gateway, SNI etc

The final product will likely be cut onto a CD ROM (to be installed using either external or internal drive, depending on the machine)

Comments? Answers? Solutions?

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BadgerAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question

This should be straight forward, create a file called autorun.inf in notepad and use the text below for the file. I have never tried this but with any luck it should work. Each cdrom must support auto insert notification.

open=IE4SETUP.EXE or whatever your flename is for IE4.01

Good Luck.....Steve
Badger, this one is a piece of cake, and you don't have to be wearing eyeglasses taped together or a pocket protector to figure it out either. Visit the IE 4.0 site and you can either download them or order the cd rom disks (we did) and they work great for this purpose. We used our own scripting to enable ISP's that we sell servers to to enable them to automate DUN and IE installs etc. Since the first release of the admin kit, MS has added a CMAK to automate even more. Visit the IE site, register and they will provide your with a master number and you can download the IE 4.0 Admin kit, the CMAK as well as 4.01 cross platform. If you need more, just ask!

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BadgerAuthor Commented:
Dennis - apologies for my great delay in replying. I mailed MSoft from work on our one machine with 'Net access, then somebody logged in - then proceeded to delete 122 items of junk/spam mail (or so they thought - no doubt with my reply from MS amongst them).

I may try them again, from home but I have found something else. My company buys Microsoft "Select" software - are you familiar with this? Anyhow, amongst the collection is MSIE 4.01 on CD. This I installed on a guinea-pig machine with no trouble at all - however there is quite a lot of user intervention, which calls for a degree of understanding as to what the user is trying to achieve. Ie: there are questions and decisions to made during the installation.

How automated is your method? Does your installation sound anything like the one I have?

Finally, please explain the acronyms DUN, CMAK

Stevesm - My version of MSIE 4 comes with a autorun.inf anyway
BadgerAuthor Commented:
Hey Dennis - Now it's me chasing you - makes a change doesn't it?

Any ideas on my last comment?
Hi Steve, sorry about not replying right away.

What I have been referring to is the IE 4 installation kit and CMAK. DUN refers to "Dial Up Networking" and CMAK refers to "Connection Manager Administration Kit".

At the MS IE 4.0 site you can purchase the admin kit for IE 4.0 which will enable you to automate the installs of IE 4.0 in any manner you wish. The CMAK enables you to handle such issues as internet, intranet and custom RAS "remote access service" connections in an automated fashion.

In essence, both kits can take you through an IE 4 install and right through to the appropriate connection.
BadgerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dennis. I find the MS site such a monster - could pinpoint a URL for me.

Many thanks

BadgerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dennis - maybe I'll find that needle in the proverbial haystack now - cheers
Okay, I'll wait for you!
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