Win95 on 2 HDs

Is it possible to install Win95 on 2 different HDs?If yes, How?If no, Why?
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Please explain what you are trying to do in more detail.  
Are the disks in the same machine?  Do you want to have the option to boot to one or the other?  I use removable HDD caddies for each of my different OS's.
Sure can do it.
First, if you want to install win95 in different HDD with the same background like same motherbord same video card same sound card even different CPU . You can find a third hardisk with win95 and copy the first HDD's win95 system(all files) to the second hardisk . Then use a floppy with win95 startup system and use the fdisk to let the second hardisk to be BOOTABLE.
Then the second HDD can  like the first HDD very suitable for you computer.
I explain why need so many steps.
1. the third hdd's win95 system is to copy the long file name to the second. Why don't use the first hdd's win95 system to copy to the second? Because the EXECUTING win95 system is Operning some files like swap files ,register files ,and fonts are not copyable.
2. The not executing win95 system is clost all files and copy to the other(THIRD) hdd will as you use your first HDD's win95 system. All files is the same.(I always  use the method to do the school's hdds)

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xmichaelmAuthor Commented:
The computer is my pesonal computer that has ONLY TWO HDs.
I have Win95 on only one of them.
I want to install win95 on the other and have the option each time I boot to choose wich one I want to load.

NOTE: I don't have a third disk or a removable one!!!
I hope this is clearer

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You simply require a boot manager...

Partition Magic (includes 2 boot managers)


For boot managers:

System Commander (newest version also does partitioning)

Power Boot

Which is the best to use is a matter of personal preference, and also what you get used to. I used to use the combination of Partition Magic and Power Boot. For some additional ideas on how to do this, and some discussion of these programs, I suggest you visit this web site and go to the FAQ page.

have fun...good luck


let me know if u want me to re-post as an answer...

xmichaelmAuthor Commented:
    please repost as an answer!
You'll have to reject the proposed answer first though...

The Shawnd's solution is good but only can solve one of your question.
The solution that he told you is only solve the boot method .
But you need to move the first win95 system to another.
The second question can be solve by the the Shawnd's method.
The System commander is a better choice.But it need charge and cost expensive and need some paper to help you to installand use it.
Ok, you need to solve the 2 HDD's and you want to move the first
win95 system to another.
I am do the same work like you and complete. The condition of mine is I have 2 hdd's and one  is 2.1 GB another is 1.2GB.
I need to copy the 2.1GB's win95 system to the second. Same as i told before. But i don't have third system . So i installed the 2.1 GB HDD with WINNT WORKSTATION(server is ok too) and don't need any assessory program . When i installed it,i copy the 2.1GB's win95 system to the another HDD.
I don't know is it suit you but i am.

May i ase you a question. Is you two HDDs the same model . If so,
i have another solution of it.

The question was "Is it possible to install Win95 on 2 different HDs?If yes, How?If no, Why?"

Aquar you said "1. the third hdd's win95 system is to copy the long file name to the second. Why don't use the first hdd's win95 system to copy to the second? Because the EXECUTING win95 system is Operning some files like swap files ,register files ,and fonts are not copyable."

There was no mention of a third hard disk. And you can copy any file from one 95 disk to another in the same system with absolutely no problem. You can even duplicate the hard drive completely.

As well, the question was about 95 NOT NT...

You can try it.
Use the third hdd with 95 system copy the first hdd's win95 system to another is good and safe.
But next you need to transfer the system to it(sys) and make it be bootable(fdisk->activity->A).
The problem is you must connect them in the same time.
Who mentioned anything about a third hard drive?
Centainly, there are some other method to copy one system to another don't use the third HDD or one hdd with two system in it.
Like ghost it can make all files in a hdd be a image file to a
server .
Afetr done the image file, you can use ghost to download it from server to your new hdd but it is more difficult.
The isolation system is a easyer method.
the easiest method is xcopying from disk 1 to disk 2.

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