HP DeskJet 300 XL post script

I recently bought the above printer (used) and have problems with getting it to print 11x17. I have it on a network, but have been working with a Mac 5400/120 (system 8.0). I upgraded the printer drivers, and can print 8.5x11 without problems. I guess I just don't know how to set up to print 11x17. I have experimented with PageMaker 6.5 and Photoshop 4.0. It will print only part of the image, which I have set up to be 11x17 (or there abouts) . . . about 7.5 width and only the bottom part of the image, usually starting in the middle. Sometimes the machine turns itself off, but after turning it back on, it runs the paper out, still not printing anything further. What do I need to do?
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How much memory is installed on this printer?

I know you need to have at least 16mb in order for postscript to *start* imaging the 11x17 page.

Do you have the manuals for the printer?  -- It will tell you for sure.

Even though it is an inkjet printer, it still has to image the page all at once (much like a laser printer) before it will start printing. -- Unlike traditional inkjets that will process the print job a line at a time.


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jfelgarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer...I'm sure that is the problem, as I know that I only have 6 mb.

I checked the manual for the printer, and the one I have says nothing about that - in fact it says very little about 11x17 printing.

I guess I will have to try to find more ram for the printer, if that is what I need.

jfelgarAuthor Commented:
I finally found a place where I can purchase the needed memory for the printer . . . either 4 or 8 meg simms. I already have 6 megs . . . should I buy 4 or 8 . . . and where do I find info on how to install the simms?
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Get a MINIMUM of 8 megs, to give you a total of 16mb.

--Your printer currently has 8mb, but of the 8mb only 6mb is left available because the printer uses 2mb for it's own internal use (font downloads, etc.)

There should be a panel on the back of your printer that you can remove fairly easily.
You should be able to install it there!

Good Luck!
jfelgarAuthor Commented:
I only have 6 as of now, but I certainly will add 8 more . . . and hope 14 is enough. I will explore installing the simms, which shouldn't be too difficult, and see what happens. Thanks.

I did try something else, but that didn't work either. I installed the original non-post script printer driver, thinking that I could print 11x17 that way. But every time it began to print (downloading parts) my computer always froze . . . and that was that! I experimented with the tabs (?) in the back, so that the post script option was not being used.
By tabs, do you mean the DIP switches?

---You do have 8, your printer only reports 6 because 2mb is used for the postscript processing capabilities.  It is actually like a postscript Operating System that is loaded into ram memory from a EEPROM every time the printer is started.

You can turn off postscript printing capabilities, and you *might* see 8 mb when you do a test print.
jfelgarAuthor Commented:
By tabs I do mean DIP switches, I couldn't remember, and my manuel is at school with the printer.
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