decode date problems in d3

I do a decodedate(myDate) where myDate = 27 minutes (0.0188) and it returns y = 1899, m = 12, d = 30. These seemt o be the defaults now instead of zero - try setting a TDateTime paradoz field to zero, these are the value stored, whereas before they were zero. This is causing code that worked in d1 to blow as previously these values were all 0. How can I get around this? Thanks, Tom.
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Hi friend,

The TDatetime is incompatible between D1 and D2+. Here is how to convert one another:
(Taken from the Delphi 2.0 help):

Note: Delphi 1.0 calculated the date from year 1 instead of from 1899. To convert a Delphi 1.0 date to a Delphi 2.0 date, subtract 693594.0 from the Delphi 1.0 date. The date format changed to be more compatible with OLE 2.0 Automation.

So, there may be several possibilities depending on what you want to do:

If you create a database with Delphi2.0+ and want to process it with Delphi1.0. The reasonable way is to convert all the date time values to Delphi 1.0 format. To do this something as follows for each record datetime field should be processed:
   Table1.FieldByName('MyDate').AsFloat :=  Table1.FieldByName('MyDate').AsFloat + 693594.0
If you create a database with Delphi 1 and want to convert it to Delphi 2+
   Table1.FieldByName('MyDate').AsFloat :=  Table1.FieldByName('MyDate').AsFloat - 693594.0

Here for your comments,

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boardtcAuthor Commented:

Thanks a million. Going from D1 to D3 skipping D2 I was not aware of this. I am also having problems with some dataaware controls reading fields that are set to zero (created in D1). Will I have to convert these tables in some way?


boardtcAuthor Commented:
Any other issues I might not be aware of moving from D1 to D3 (that were documented in D2)? Thanks, Tom.
Hi there,

I am happy that it works. Regarding the Changes between Delphi1.0 and 2.0+(since you have the changes from 2.0to 3.0) send me your email so that I can post you a technical document covering the code migration issues.

Bye, Igor
boardtcAuthor Commented:
Igor, sounds good, I have seen that pannon-rex from peter illes, my e-mail is, thanks, tom.
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