digicom softmodem

Can anyone tell me where to find win 95 drivers for a digicom softmodem connection series 14.4 +fax?  A web
site or ftp or anything would be totally helpful.

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Try www.digicom.com

MisterPAuthor Commented:
Sorry, saar2.  Not that easy of a question.  Otherwise I wouldn't need the Experts.  Yes, all of you reading...  This is an ancient modem... www.digicom.com is a consulting firm.  The header on their website is "WE DO NOT MAKE MODEMS!!!".  www.digicom.it is an italian modem manufacturer, but not the same co. that makes the Connection modem.  Actually, I have already found the site I need, but I would be happy to give the points to someone who can give a solid answer.  Hopefully, someone can find a site that has newer drivers.  The only ones I could find were circa 1994.  Come on ladies & Gents, lets dig deep for 100 points...

P.S.  There is a company called Digicom out there making modems of the softmodem 56K variety, but their website states clearly that they started business in 1997, at least 10 years too late to be any help to me.

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Doesn't another driver supports the modem?
Why do you need the exactly dirvers?
Do you need special commands?


Do you by any chance know the Chipset it uses? That should give you a clue on what drivers to use.

MisterPAuthor Commented:
Good call, gravity.  This must be one of the two sites on earth where the most current drivers for this junker can be found.  I have found an ftp that has the entire archive of old Digicom product drivers.  ftp://softmodem.whnet.com/pub/wolfgang/smodem/

Hopefully if anyone out there still has a Digicom Systems modem (Scout or Connection), they will see this.

Thanks again.
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