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Posted on 1998-04-11
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
Can someone program for me a box just like the one for logging on at the experts exchange. It must ask for a password and username for any file accessed in that directory.
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Question by:gravity
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Experts-Exchange actualy uses a JavaScript placed in a linked style sheet. (The address to the style sheet is:

The way to actualy implement the password varies depending on what you want to achieve.

The simplest approach is to use a JacaScript form along the lines of:

<TITLE>JavaScript Password File</TITLE>

function testEncode(form) {
        var dater = new Date();
        Month = dater.getMonth();
        dater = null;
        var Ret = encode (form.inputbox1.value, Month)          // change to var Ret=x, where x is 1
                                                        // to 63, if you don't want change every month
        location = "null/" + Ret + ".htm"

function encode (OrigString, CipherVal) {
        CipherVal = parseInt(CipherVal)
        var Temp=""
        for (Count=0; Count < OrigString.length; Count++) {
                var TempChar = OrigString.substring (Count, Count+1)
                var Conv = cton(TempChar)
                var Cipher=Conv^CipherVal
                Temp += Cipher
        return (Temp)

function cton (Char) {
        return (Ref.indexOf(Char));

function ntoc (Val) {
        return (Ref.substring(Val, Val+1))

// -->
<H1>JavaScript Password Example</H1>
<FORM NAME="testform" onSubmit=false;>
Please enter your password: <BR>
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="inputbox1" VALUE=""><P>
<INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="button" Value="Submit" onClick="testEncode(this.form)"><BR>
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="hidden" VALUE=""><P>

You can then setup a CGI on the recieving end of a form and process the input, determine if the user passes verification and send back the next page.

The same effect can be achieved using a JavaBean, a Server Side Include (SSI), a Java servlet (if your server supports them) or SSL (Just place the HTML page and an Applet on the same directory behind an SSL layer and the browser will ask for the password).

Exactly which mechanism to use depends on what you want to acomplish. For simple access like expert-exchanges, a JScript + CGI will do (The use of the style sheet is to attempt to hide the simple security mechanism).

If you are going to run secure transactions, then either the SLL trick described above or a bean programmed to send a user:password  pair would be more convinient. (Code for accesing a page or file behind secure layer was documented in the Febuary issue of JavaWorld at: , which given the ammount of points you are assigning to this question is probably closer to your needs.
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Author Comment

ID: 1234027
Cheers for that...I'm impressed, although what I meant was that box that comes up when you go to htpp://

and then asks for your username and password...

..even so, this is pretty good...
Also, the address you gave comes up an error, stating that the file doesn't exist...Help!

Author Comment

ID: 1234028
I'm going to give you the points, but could you mail me as with how to implement. I'm only just starting when it comes to CGI, and although I could do what I wanted in Shockwave, it takes too long and too much space.

Tom Buck

Author Comment

ID: 1234029
I'm going to give you the points, but could you mail me as with how to implement. I'm only just starting when it comes to CGI, and although I could do what I wanted in Shockwave, it takes too long and too much space.

Tom Buck

Author Comment

ID: 1234030
Sorry 'bout the grade-it buggered up when I pressed the submit button...


Expert Comment

ID: 1234031
I'll mail you the link gladly, and then help out with the code over the next few weeks.

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