Fatal Exceptions

I'm getting these frequently - sometimes several/hour ! at unpredictable times - sometime right after start up, (Sometimes I also get a message that "Explorer has caused a F/F etc." message in black script in a white box central on an otherwise blank screen.)

System is a W 95a with an AMD K5 (P100).
The usual message is F/E 0D (sometimes 0E) at (an address), the last 0D address being 0117 00006168, but it changes.

Genearal guidance would help, or hints on reloading windows while retaining all other files.                     Dan.
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Generally, Fatal Exceptions are thrown by the processor because of a particularly bad condition which existed in the current software that was running under Win95.  It is possible that whatever software that is being used is not fully compatible with the AMD K5 Pentium clone.  It is also possible that IE is causing the problem.  I have had problems with IE 4's Active Desktop Enhancement causing Fatal Exceptions and completely handing the machine.  If you have IE 4 installed, try un-installing it and seeing if that helps.
As far as re-installing Windows goes, here's the procedure I'd follow:
1. Back up all the files that you want to keep and don't have installation disks for (ex. data files).
2. Format the hard drive.
3. Set up Windows 95 and restore all software onto HD.
4. Copy data files saved in step 1 back to HD into respective directories.

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danMAuthor Commented:
I've backed off my bus speed from 66 Mhz to 60, and that has made the system more stable.  The chip that was in the PC when all this was happening was a Cyrix, but the system was no different with the AMD 100 therein.  I'm now back to the Cyrix, but, as said above, with the bus soeed down to 60.   The m/board is new old stock, pre-MMX series. IE4 is not installed, but IE3, netsc.3, and Communicator are.     Dan.
Backing off the bus speed from 66 to 60 Mhz will make your processor run slower.  It is possible then that the processor was being overclocked at 100 Mhz and was only able to handle something lower.

Anyway, thanks for the points!
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danMAuthor Commented:
Can't be - the Cyrix was a supposed P200 clone, running at a
BIOS reported 120 MHz when the bus speed was 66.  Now the bus is at 60, but with a 2 x multiplier, the reported speed is 133 MHz - curiouser and curioser.  
It is probably another question, but chips don't always seem to react as expected to bus speed settings and multipliers.
Thanks for the info.   dan.
I have had these kinds of effects with a Cyrix chip before also.  I had a Cyrix "133" Mhz chip that generally clocked (with both Norton Utilities and Wintune) at 200 - 205 Mhz!  Go figure!
danMAuthor Commented:
While my system is now more stable, I still get some FE's, and the latest FE is --
"at 0028:C025834E in VXD VMM(06) + 0000 234E" - when I tried to install Powertoys
(Tweak UI).   Any comments ?
I'm not able to figure out what is causing an FE just from the codes it gives, but I would suggest talking with the company that makes Powertoys to see if this is a known issue.  If not, I would try to find out which virtual device driver (VXD) is called VMM and go from there.  Probably, if you have a good backup of all your data files and all of the install disks for your applications, probably what I'd do would be re-install Win95.

Good Luck!
danMAuthor Commented:
The increased stability came from reinstalling W95 + SP 1
The new FE happens when I click on a .hlp or .ini file or .txt in Explorer.  Instead of showing me the script content in WordPad as it should, it always falls over with the FE message noted.

As for Powertoys, this loaded and unzipped OK, the FE came when I tried to install it.  Dan.
danMAuthor Commented:
I've tried reinstalling WordPad, and re-running setup (twice), but the FE still happens if in Explorer I click on any ini, txt,
hlp., file - and also on a Jpg file (which should launch my picture editor/viewer).  The FE "0E" I get is apparently a "page
fault" , but I don't know what "VXD VMM(06)" is, which is what the FE is connected to.  I have tried both an AMD and Cyrix processors, at various bus speeds and multipliers to no improvement, and removed and refixed some Ram.   The PC runs eMail OK, and also a M/soft screen saver.                dan.
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