US Robotics Voice Mode programming info?

Where can I get detailed info about programming for US Robotics Sportster Voice 33.6 Faxmodem? I have strange problem in  recording/playing back GSM commpressed sound with duration more then 3.5 seconds.
Vitali NassennikAsked:
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Vitali, your Sportster shouldn't be affecting this. This is generally handled by your sound cards decompression agent. First try downloading a current set of driver updates for your sound card and install them. When you've downloaded the new drivers, install them this way.

1. Put the new drivers in a temp directory without any other files in there.

2. Use your "Ctrl"  "Alt"  and  "Del" keys and open your Close Programs dialogue box. Highlight and end task for each item listed except for Systray and Explorer.

3. Now install the new drivers and then restart your system. This will eliminate this as a possibility.

4. Now check the decompression agent that these files requires. You can do this by checking the "open with" section of Windows to see what is being used to play these sounds.

Let me know how you make out so we can go further if necessary.
Vitali NassennikAuthor Commented:
I'm developing Voice-mail Machine for NetWare platform. It uses Sportster Voice modem feature to compress voice and to play GSM or ADPCM compressed data. It's working but I have problem related to 3.5 seconds.

P.S. I hate Win'95 and I don't use any soundcards.
Vitali, in order to use the decompression agent and the codec, you will need a sound card on that system. The firmware and speaker system on the modem card is extremely limited and even then you would still need to have a sound driver for the USR and I don't believe there is one for the 33.6.
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Vitali NassennikAuthor Commented:
Dennis, soundcard is not required for that. See QuickLink Message Center (shipped with USR Voice modem) - it's working fine without any soundcards or other special drivers!
I understand that Vitali, but you need a codec that will play the sound for you, which is part of a multimedia device. If you have no sound card, you have no multimedia devices and no codec to install!
Vitali NassennikAuthor Commented:
USR Sportster Voice modem has feature to play GSM compressed digitized sound to phone line or optional external speakers. Command AT#VTX<CRLF> (in Voice mode) starts playing to previously selected output (line or speakers). Modem responds CONNECT<CRLF>. After that modem accepts all data as digitized voice, decodes data and plays it. <DLE> <ETX> sequense terminates playback. Modem responds VCON <CRLF>. But when sound duration exceeds 3.5 seconds I hear breaks and noise. What's wrong?
Vitali, I undertsand all of that, as I've said before. BUT, you need a Win95 compatible codec to play GSM, and I don't care who's it is. And as lomng as there's no sound card, Win95 will not install one. USR and 3Com install an abbreviated codec, but it's not nearly what is needed.
Dew_associates is barking up the wrong tree (in my opinion)..
Have you considered the fact that you may be having an interrupt conflict?
If you're looking for programming on VOICE MODEMS under win95.. look at
under TAPI

very nice jlove1, but your answer is not an answer. Vitali isn't asking for a book that explains the principles of TAPI, he want to know how to make his modem work as he has stated. If your unsure of your answer, please don't denigrate someone else's. A simply put, "maybe this will help" as a comment is better than providing an erroneous answer.
I'll requote the question asked.
Where can I get detailed info about programming for US Robotics Sportster Voice 33.6 Faxmodem?

Sounds like I answered the question to me.

Vitali NassennikAuthor Commented:
This link contains a lot about TAPI but nothing about USR Data-Voice modems.
BTW, thanks. Appendix C for Ch.25 contains a heap of pointers to other Voice-related sites. I'm going to search them.
try with this ...

#CLS=8     Configure the modem for Voice Mode. Note that the #BDR setting is assumed to be zero here, meaning that no time-out occurs forcing #CLS=0.

OK         The modem agrees, and is now set up for voice.

#VBS=4     The DTE asks for 4-bit compression for greeting message playback (ADPCM).
           The DTE needs to work at 38,400 bps since after start and stop bits are added, the speed increases to 36,000 bps.

OK         The modem is configured for 4-bit compression.

#VSS=2     Sets silence detection sensitivity to midrange.

OK         The modem confirms command reception.

#VLS=0     Select the telephone line as the source, ensuring that the modem is now on-hook. DTMF detection is now off regardless of the previous setting of #VLS.

OK         The modem confirms command reception, and it switches in the telephone line.

RING       Some time later, we receive the first call. (Note that the modem also processes Caller ID information at this time.)

#CLS=8     Configure the modem for Voice Mode again. Although the modem has already been so configured, it is a good idea to select #CLS=8 directly following a RING because in normal use, any S30 time-out or hang up during Voice Mode forces #CLS=0.

OK         The modem agrees, and is now definitely set up for voice.

#BDR=16    The DTE knows that compression requires a 38,400 bps speed, so it forces this as the new speed. (For this example, lets say that the DTE was sending all commands, including this one, at 9600 bps.)

OK         This OK message is sent at 9600 bps, but the modem then switches to 38,400 bps. All subsequent commands are assumed to be sent at 38,400 bps until either another #BDR command is received or until the S30 timer expires. The S30 timer is now activated, and the default is 60 seconds.

A          T
he DTE tells the modem to answer.

VCON       The modem is now in Online Voice Command Mode. DTMF and calling tone detection is enabled.

#VTX       The DTE does not wait for any tones, and tells the modem that it is ready to send a voice greeting at the current compression and sampling settings (4-bit/7200).

CONNECT    The modem tells the DTE that it can now send data. The modem enters Voice Transmit Mode and DTMF monitoring is still enabled as well as the ADPCM data flow. <Data> The DTE sends greeting message data. The modem waits up to 1 second or until XOFF threshold is reached before starting to transmit to ensure uninterrupted data flow. If the voice transmit buffer runs empty, the transmission is disabled.

<DLE><ETX> The DTE has finished with its transmission, and now instructs the modem to enter Online Voice Command Mode since this is the telephone line. VCON The modem tells the DTE it is done. If the DTE sends the <DLE><ETX> before the modem has finished transmitting all the data in its voice transmit buffer, the DTE must wait for this response.


Vitali NassennikAuthor Commented:
Great, hrizal!

It's what i'm looking for! Combination of #VSM=129,8000 and #VBS=4 is working fine at 38,400!

But the question is WHERE can I get it.
I need it all because I have some other problems:
- what means <DLE> i sequence?
- why modem is "deaf" and does not recognize DTMF signals
approximately for 0.5 sec after <DLE> <ETX> at end of #VTX?
- how to get Caller ID?

Give me URL of this document or mail it directly to me -

Vitali NassennikAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 500
Vitali NassennikAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 800
> I have strange problem in recording/playing back GSM compressed sound with duration more then 3.5 seconds.

Sounds [pun intended] like a "handshaking" problem,
i.e., data is "over-running" some buffers,
and the handshaking (either "hardware" or "software-flow-control")
isn't handling the overflow.

For a USR modem, use 'AT&F1' to reset the modem,
which also selects "hardware" handshaking.
Also, experiment with XON/XOFF software flow-control.

I hope this helps!

Vitali NassennikAuthor Commented:
Otta, please, read question history!

This problem is already solved.
I'm waiting for answer WHERE can I get this full tech info.
I hope, <hrizal> has this info but he keeps silence :-(((

> Otta, please, read question history!

I did, and you have REJECTED all proposed answers.

> This problem is already solved.

But, you haven't awarded the points ???

> I'm waiting for answer WHERE can I get
> this full tech info.
> I hope, <hrizal> has this info but he
> keeps silence :-(((

Perhaps, this "activity" on this question
will "waken" <hrizal> from his silence.  :-)

P.S. Please do not "shoot-the-messenger".
I am volunteering my time,
so please be polite in response.

Vitali NassennikAuthor Commented:
Otta, I'm sorry. I was tired by <dew_associates>.
IMHO, the question was perfectly clear - WHERE to get info?

<hrizal> sad nothing about #VSM=129,8000 (it's very important, I spent 2 days to find it) and he didn't give me DETAILED DESCRIPTION or URL.
When <hrizal> answers, this question costs 100 points.
Now I increase points to 800 and I can increase more...

If he (or anybody else) answers my question I'll grade it - no problem!
Hallo everybody,
have a nice surfin' ... :)

Sorry ... for not responding,
in here, last days in my country (Indonesia)
have a not good situation (who care ?).

But its OK for now, so we can continue discussing about
AT reference ... :)

here i, recommended for AT Reference Manual
(rockwell chipset, but its work for compatible too)
see on the last page for example
and don't forget for <DLE>, <ETX>, <CAN> etc meaning,
please read ASCII code (you can get on printer manual :)

try this

OK ?  may i have 800 point now ? :) ...

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Vitali NassennikAuthor Commented:
Great, hrizal!!!!!

OK, points are yours!

This description looks like for i80286 (ROCKWELL chipset) when I need for i80386 (Sportster modem). BTW, this document contains what I've been looking for.

Again, thanks a lot!!!

P.S. If you find similar description for US Robotics could you possible to mail it (or URL) to me <>?
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