I need a freeware email ocx

Do you know any realible freeware ocx to send and receive internet email?
Give me the URL.
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Hi Vincerubus,
   If you try www.activex.com, I am sure you will find one. Quite a few of the controls there are not freeware, but if you look hard enough you may find one.

Kind Regards,
Robert Green.
vincerubusAuthor Commented:
sorry, but I asked for a reliable OCX, what means I need the opinion of somebody that´s is using the control.

I have been using the mapi ocx control that come with Visual Basic. But I am not sure it supports internet mail. It have been working fine with my Exchange Client.
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If you come accross one, could you tell me about it? I'm after one as well.

Tom Buck
Simply use the MAPI ones included with VB4 (and I assume 5).

Microsoft MAPI Controls 5.0:

They do Internet Email without a problem.
vincerubusAuthor Commented:
Sorry but I believe MAPI is not similar than Internet mail.
Internert mail means POP and SMPT. MAPI is more adequate if you are developing solutions under MS Exchange, or LANS.
If I´m wrong, just send me the code to send and retrieve internet email using MAPI and the points will be yours!
This is the code I use to send InterNet Email to users, note this does a file attachment instead of actual message text but it should be easily modified to just send text.

Public Function SendAsEmail()

  Dim Counter As Long
  Dim NumberOfRecips As Long
  NumberOfRecips = GetNumberOfRecips(gMail)
  SpaceLog.MAPISession1.UserName = "LoginName"
  SpaceLog.MAPISession1.Password = "PassWord"
  SpaceLog.MAPISession1.LogonUI = False
  SpaceLog.MAPISession1.NewSession = False
  SpaceLog.MAPIMessages1.SessionID = SpaceLog.MAPISession1.SessionID
  SpaceLog.MAPIMessages1.MsgSubject = "MessageSubject"
  SpaceLog.MAPIMessages1.MsgNoteText = " "
  SpaceLog.MAPIMessages1.AttachmentIndex = 0
  SpaceLog.MAPIMessages1.AttachmentPathName = gLogFile
  SpaceLog.MAPIMessages1.AttachmentPosition = 0
  SpaceLog.MAPIMessages1.AttachmentType = mapData

  For Counter = 0 To NumberOfRecips
     SpaceLog.MAPIMessages1.RecipIndex = Counter
     SpaceLog.MAPIMessages1.RecipType = mapToList
     SpaceLog.MAPIMessages1.RecipDisplayName = GetRecipName(gMail, Counter + 1)
  Next Counter
End Function

Public Function GetNumberOfRecips(ByVal RecipList As String) As Long

  Dim RecipCount As Long
  Dim SemiColonPosition As Long
  SemiColonPosition = 0
  RecipCount = 0
    SemiColonPosition = InStr(SemiColonPosition + 1, RecipList, ";", 1)
    If SemiColonPosition <> 0 Then
      RecipCount = RecipCount + 1
    End If
  Loop While SemiColonPosition <> 0
  GetNumberOfRecips = RecipCount
End Function

Public Function GetRecipName(ByVal RecipList As String, ByVal WhichRecip As Long) As String

  Dim CurrentRecip As Long
  Dim SemiColonPosition As Long
  Dim LastSemiColonPosition As Long
  Dim CurrentRecipName As String
  LastSemiColonPosition = 1
  SemiColonPosition = 0
  CurrentRecip = 0
  If Right(RecipList, 1) <> ";" Then
    RecipList = RecipList & ";"
  End If
    SemiColonPosition = InStr(LastSemiColonPosition, RecipList, ";", 1)
    If SemiColonPosition <> 0 Then
      CurrentRecipName = Mid(RecipList, LastSemiColonPosition, SemiColonPosition - LastSemiColonPosition)
      CurrentRecip = CurrentRecip + 1
      LastSemiColonPosition = SemiColonPosition + 1
    End If
  Loop While CurrentRecip < WhichRecip
  GetRecipName = CurrentRecipName
End Function

vincerubusAuthor Commented:
I´ve tried it, but I had some problems with your code.
First, I could nor figure out here to enter the SMPT and POP addresses.
Second, spacelog should be your´s form name, not mine.

Sorry, but what I really need is an OCX solution


vincerubusAuthor Commented:
BTW, I´d tested the mabry mail ocx.
Do you have any comments about this control?
Nope, what I gave you works fine for me, gMail in my code is the List of email addresses seperated by a ';'...  
I haven't found a FREE email control, but Mabry software (www.Mabry.com) offers low-cost OCXs.  They sell "Mail OCX/VBX"  #6395 for $40.00.  You can even get the source code if you want.  I haven't used it (but you can try their demo for an unlimited time).  I DID use their FTP control and found it worked better than several more expensive controls.  Check out their site, www.Mabry.com.

vincerubusAuthor Commented:
Thanks safair, but I believe your enter is better classified as comments than answer.
Did you read that I already tested the mabry ocx?

I was typing my answer at 9:00am (before your Mabry post) and I got interrupted.  I returned to it and sent it much later.  THAT'S why I didn't know you tried Mabry.  Also, I believe the "tward" answer works for him/her because their MS Mail server is connected to the internet.  MAPI will do Internet mail as long as the mail server is connected.  

Good luck on your search.
Dr. Kamal MehdiCommented:
Here is what you need:

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