If I attempt to run Setup from my Win95 CDROM, I get the following message: "Some Control Panel or Device Settings have changed since you last started Windows.  Close all programs, restart Windows, and run Setup again."  I get this message every time, regardless of whether or not I have even touched Control Panel.  I get this, even if I start Windows and immediately run Setup.

I have already run the latest version of Regclean.  I have also run setup after booting to DOS from floppy.  Nevertheless, I cannot run Setup from Win95.

Are there some property values in my registry I can change to resolve this?
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I would suggest that you completely re-install Win95 to solve this problem.  To do this, you should:
1. Make a boot disk (format a: /u /s)
2. Copy CD-ROM drivers to boot disk (usually in dir c:\cdrom)
3. Boot off of boot disk.
4. Format HD (don't forget to back up all important files first!)
5. Restart machine.
6. Load cd-rom drivers off of boot disk.
7. Run setup.exe on Win95 CD from DOS.
8. After Win95 loads, restore all your data files backed up in step 4.

That's it!  You should be all set.

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If you're going to format as the 1st "answer" suggests, I want to offer you a better suggestion.
1st, Boot to "Real Mode Dos", that is on boot press F8 and choose "DOS PROMPT ONLY"
That way you know your not loading any windows drivers... then
Re-Setup Using the "setup /d /p f" Switches
X:\setup /d /p f
Where X is your CD drive letter
This will cause windows 95 to re-examine your setup.
This will clean, read and rewrite your Win.ini and System.ini,
without over-writing your updated dll's vxd's extensions.
f - This switch enables Clean Registry mode. It forces Detection
to clean and correct the root branch of the registry before starting.
This switch is ignored when Setup is run in the Windows 95
graphical user interface (GUI).
When setup prompts you for "Typical or Custom Setup", choose Custom.
This allows you to have control over every step of the setup.
This will do a compare and replace missing or corrupted files and
will take you back where you were before the error.
/d - If you do not want Setup to use your existing Windows configuration
(such as your current Win.ini and System.ini files), use this switch.
To restore and adjust your windows installation try this:
From dos insert your CD and run from your cd this command...
(setup /d /p f) When setup prompts you for "Full or Custom Setup",
choose Custom. This allows you to have control over every step of the setup.
This will do a compare and replace missing or corrupted files and will take
you back where you were before the error.

This has Become a;
"Standard Procedure". It's not always a fix all, but it never
hurts to try it. I've never seen any ill effects from it yet. The
only thing I've seen it do negative is once in a while an association
or two may get lost. Which Is easy to fix. I always recommend a
Registry backup along with this for safety.
Get WRP. WRPV3.ZIP is the Best and easiest Backup/Restore I've Seen.
Go To: Search WRP
                                      FOR YOUR CONFIDENCE
When you run Windows 95 Setup from within Windows 95, the
Restore Windows Files option (also known as
the Verify Install option) may not appear.


This behavior can occur if a title in the Setuplog.txt file
contains more than 32 characters (including spaces). Titles
are also known as section headers, and begin and end with
brackets ([]).


Disable any titles containing more than 32 characters in the
Setuplog.txt file. To do so, follow these steps:

1.Restart the computer. When you see the "Starting Windows 95"
message, press the F8 key, and then
choose Command Prompt Only from the Startup menu.

2.Type the following lines at the command prompt:

attrib -h setuplog.txt
edit setuplog.txt

3.Place a semicolon (;) at the beginning of any title
containing more than 32 characters.

4.On the File menu, click Exit. Choose Yes to save the
file when you are prompted.

5.Restart the computer and then run Setup again.


The Restore Windows Files option includes the following

Restore Windows files that are changed or corrupted
Copy all Windows files again

Choosing the first option replaces only files that are
missing or have changed since the last time you ran Setup.
Choosing the second option replaces all files and allows
you to change the installation folder.

Note that if any of the following lines are missing from
the Setuplog.txt file, the Restore Windows Files option
will not be available in Setup:

=============ALSO for a rescue disk
RESCUE: Bootable floppy disk that will read your CDROM.
                                  Sometimes your system is unbootable.
Create a bootable floppy disk that will read your CDROM.
1. Insert a good blank disk.
2. Select Start/Settings/Control Panel, double-click on the
Add/Remove Programs icon. Click on the Startup Disk tab then
click on Create Disk. When Win95 is done, make the disk
read-only, label it and test it to be sure you can boot your
computer from it.
3. Then, You must create an Autoexec.bat that reads:
A:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:MTMIDE01 /M:15 /E and copy the
mscdex.exe on your disk. The MTM part is mine for Mitsumi, you
have to substitute your CD parameters.
4. The following is a simple AUTOEXEC.BAT File

5. You must create a Config.sys that reads:
CD parameters here.]
6. The following is My CONFIG.SYS File. Note that I'm using my
Mitsumi CD-ROM Parameters.

DEVICE=A:\MTMCDAI.SYS (Your CDROM Driver goes here)

7. The following are the Files I have on my disk.
To be extra safe, make two boot disks.

Get back to me.
Quit In Control Tools before you run Windows 95 or OSR2 Setup.

Here is the link for the problem:
MenesAuthor Commented:
kmrussell's answer was right on target.  I am curious to know how he or she found it in MS's support web pages, considering I spent considerable time there before I submitted the origingal question.
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