cd does not boot

Friend has a Toshiba 16x cd. System now down.After boot from floppy cannot recognize the cd drive in drive F. Windows not installed. Cannot load windows will not recognize the CD He has been fiddling for a week or so now with out success. Detailed instructions would help/
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Copy down the Autoexec.bat, Config.sys and a listing of the directories under the c:\ drive. Not all the subdirectories, just the main ones that you see when at the top...

c5b7Author Commented:
C5, make config.sys and autoexec.bat files for him like this. I've included a list of files that must be in the root of drive C:\ so you may have to do some searching to find them. You mention that Windows 95 is not installed, although you also mention a file with a long file name "progra~1". Are you positive that this does not have Win 95 installed?

New autoexec.bat:

C:\mscdex.exe /d:mscd000/d:mscd001

New config.sys
device=C:\taisatap.sys /d:mscd000
last drive=z

Once the autoexec.bat and config.sys are done, put them in the root of drive "C" along with these:


A reboot to the "C" drive should make the cd rom drive avaliable again!
Your CONFIG.SYS/AUTOEXEC.BAT looks puzzling. That the way they
should be:
1) Make system floppy (it should contain IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COM)
2) copy to it files: MSCDEX.EXE, TAISATAP.SYS and HIMEM.SYS
3) Don't make ANY subdirectory on floppy
4) Create on floppy following files:


DEVICE=taisatap.sys /D:MSCD001 /n:1


@echo off
prompt $p$g

You can add path statement to AUTOEXEC.BAT, but this is up to you.
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Your suggestion should have worked except for the drivename called in mscdex.exe statement.
I don't know about the n: switch on the device driver though.

First find a blank disk, and format it using "format /s" this will copy your io.sys,, and msdos.sys to the floppy and make it bootable.

Next you must find the following files on your system (or from your cd-rom disk, or dos disks) and copy them to the the new boot disk: himem.sys, taisatap.sys, and mscdex.exe

(Note make sure that the version of DOS that you get the himem.sys and mscdex.exe matches the DOS version of the bootdisk, you can check this by using the "ver" command.)

Next, use an editor to create an config.sys on the boot disk it should contain the following lines:
    device=taisatap.sys /d:12345678

Next, create an autoexec.bat file on the boot disk with the following line:
    mscdex.exe /d:12345678 /l:f

(The /d:'blah' gives the device a name, this alphanumeric name must be the same in both the config.sys and autoexec.bat, the /l:'blah' give the drive letter.

Next reboot with this disk and you should have no problem.

Does anybody else have another flavor of these files?
I think we need some feedback from c5b7.

Hi Ralph. He had the "n" switch in there, so I just left it!

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infotech, did you paid attention, for moment, that you posted an
answer EXACTLY the same with Dennis and mine. Actually I also was
going to post answer, but in the moment EE said: 'sorry. pending
answer ...', so I continued with comment.

c5b7, any progress yet?

Yes we finally got it working. Down loaded new drivers from the CD manufacturer and were able to read in and install the windows 95 disk and load programs . Told my friend to stay out of the program files. He has pleanty to do learning the applications . Many thanks to all for the assistance.

My problem with ie4.1 turned out to be the video drivers seems some drivers must have the accellerator reduced one or two notches. Mine a Matrox took two reductions to work with IE4.1 never did have any problem with Netscape 3.0
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