Can I perform a win95 Upgrade w/an orig install CD?

Im stuck. I have been on this for 2 days now. Would you know how to fool a Win95 original install CD (not an upgrade cd) to perform an upgrade to win3.1? Your help is much appreciated.
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Hi , In Dos rename the Windows directory to  Wins , Win31, or something other than Windows. Then try to install Win95.

Hope this helps
Badman, Flagg's suggestion will cause a write-over, not an upgrade! What type of problem or error are you seeing?
reject flagg's answer
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Also, do you know which version of Win95 is on the CD?

badmanAuthor Commented:
The Installation still failed
To install a Win95 CD-ROM upgrade clean, install without installing Dos or Windows 3x you either need a previous copy of the
config.sys and autoexec.bat from Dos or you need to install Dos and then install the CD-ROM driver.
Then after the CD-ROM is installed, test the floppy that we are going to make then you can format the hard drive and start clean
Note: I suggest strongly do the same with any OEM Win95 CD-ROM because OEM comes with a universal CD-ROM recognition that
recognizes every CD-ROM in the market and does bad job doing it.
Note: If you bought your computer from a large company such as Micron then you don’t need to reinstall Win95 clean because those
companies do a good job installing, maybe I should note that in my tip.
But if you ever had to format the hard drive and reinstall then you do need the CD-ROM recognize boot disk ready, what I mean by
OEM is the version of Win95 that you buy from a local computer shop, computer shows, etc.

Insert a clean floppy in drive A, considering A is your bootable floppy drive and type.
sys a:
That will copy the to the floppy and will make it a bootable floppy.

Then copy Mscdex.exe, Emm386.exe and Himem.sys from Dos or from C:\windows and from c:\windows\command to the floppy.

If you have SCSI then you need to copy Aspi8dos.sys(or Aspi7 or 6, you can tell which by looking in your config.sys), also copy

If you have IDE then you need to copy the CD-ROM driver file from the DOS CD-ROM installation disk or from C under the
manufacturer Directory, for example I have Samsung CDROM and in C:\Samsung copy the file to the floppy, should have .sys
Again DOS CD-ROM real mode driver have to be installed in order to see the file.

Copy your config.sys and autoexec.bat to the floppy.

Modify your Config.sys and autoexec.bat in the floppy to look like this, if you have SCSI (remember the 3rd line in Config.sys could
be aspi8, 7 or 6 etc depending what SCSI you have).

And note there is A instead Of C in the command lines thus pointing to A rather than C.

This is the autoexec.bat For SCSI

a:\mscdex.exe /d:aspicd0 /m:12 (m:12 is 4plex CD-ROM, if you have 2 or 6 or 8plex then enter as would be as in your command line)

This is the config.sys for SCSI
device=a:\aspi8dos.sys /d
device=a:\aspicd.sys /d:aspicd0

This is the Config.sys for IDE
DEVICE=A:\SCR4X.SYS /D:SSCD000( this is an example)

This is the Autoexec.bat for IDE.
A:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:SSCD000(This is an example)

Could be little confusing please let me know if you need more help.

In the above process we are able to recognize the CDROM drive, test it, format the hard dive, insert the floppy in drive A and restart
computer and insert your Win95 CD-ROM in drive and type D or E or F depending on how many hard drives you have, CD-ROM
always will be the last letter, and click Enter then type Setup, win95 later will ask you to insert #1 floppy of any MS older Window
version like Win311 to prove you have previous version of windows.

Note: You can add the following to the floppy to make it more functional, Format.exe , checkdisk.exe , copy.exe , Extract.exe,
fdisk.exe , Mem.exe .

Never seen this fail.

Badman, you can use the full version and cause it to act as an upgrade if that's what you want! Just let us know!
It works for me and my friends all the time:
1. Make a text file in your HD-root directory containing:
2. Save it as 'batch.txt'
3. Run setup from W95 CD-rom:
x:\setup c:\batch.txt
That's all
The above works even on a clean HD when booting from the W95 start-up diskette
with added CD-ROM Accesibility.

badmanAuthor Commented:
Dew_associates....You have the Idea what I am trying to do.
I am trying to take a computer that has windows 3.1 running on it
and upgrade it to win95 with a cd that is a full install version
(version a- the old one)  I am not trying to use an UPGRADE CD to  du a Full Install.  Smeebud gave a GREAT answer to the wrong question. -badman
The Upgrade CD and win95 cd are the same thing.
kmrussell, I'd suggest you recheck your resources regarding the differences between the two versions. You may want to start here at this article in the MS Knowledge Base. Q148682 This article describes the differences between the Windows 95 Upgrade and
the non-upgrade (full) version of Windows 95. Article last modified on 08-12-1997.

Badman, since this is going to get a little involved, I have locked this questions with a proposed answer that is incomplete as I need information from you before proceeding to a solution.

First, while connected to this page, click Start, Run and then type in Sysedit. This will bring up your basic startup files beginning with your Autoexec.bat file followed by the Config.sys file. Using the edit feature, copy and paste both of those files here.

Second, begin making a note of any changes that you want to make to the system by way of software before we begin the actual upgrade, such as program removal, hard drive cleanup etc. Let me know if there are any system specific items you want to remove.

Once the above files are posted, I will modify them for you and post a procedure to follow.
rename and then run setup it will upgrade you machine to win95 full
Hi, i don't mind being rejected, It would be courteous to reply as to the reason.
Did you try it.

badmanAuthor Commented:
The machine is not currently available  to do that Dew_associates. Im sorry......and to  smeebud...the reason that your answer was rejected was because you answered the wrong question.
The full version CD goes out and looks for a prevoius installation of windows.  If it finds one, it bails the install and tells you to use an upgrade CD.  To get around this, rename the file in the windows directory (I personally call it wincom.bak).  To make it act like an upgrade, make sure you install in the same directory as your previous version of Windows.  

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badmanAuthor Commented:
Well Done!
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