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I hvae a simple form with several fields from a database. These fields are represented using DBEdit, DBCheckBox. I also have some non-database related components such as TEdit, TCheckBox on the form.

Now, I would like suggestions to the best way of making the fields in the form editable (can received focus and user input from the mouse or tab) and non-editable (cannot receive focus).

You can imagine having a button on the form called 'Edit Form', and when it is pressed, the user can modify the contents of the edit boxes, etc. Otherwise, the form will appear read-only, preventing the user from editing the fields.

PS: I do not want to use the ReadOnly property because the component can still receive focus. I have tried setting the Enabled property to False, and this works except that the fonts in the edit boxes appear gray.

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Hmm , on enter to for ex. Edit You must  save value and on exit restore it :}

What about using ReadOnly and TabStop?

 If Readonly becomes true -> tabstop becomes false and vice versa?

Regards, Zif.
keithcslAuthor Commented:

Setting the ReadOnly and Tabstop to True and False respectively still allows the control to receive focus using the mouse.

I would seem to me that having the text go grey is a good visual cue to the user that editing is not possible. It is also consistent with the behaviour of W95 itself.

In other words, I would suggest using the Enabled property and regarding the greying of the text as a feature, not a bug.


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