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dear sir,

l just know how to use the MaskEDbox to read the value,but is it possible to give and display the value on MaskEDbox control ?consider following example, 123 will be display on textbox control, what about MaskEDbox ?

text1 = 123

from: Eddie
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bin_huwairibConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes EddieAng you can display the value on MaskEDbox.

MaskEdBox1 = 123
I'm sorry, but I'm not understanding your question.
Please be more specific.
EddieAngAuthor Commented:
Bin huwairib,

but if l setted the mask = "##-##" then it would be error, is it not support the mask on output ?consider the following code.

'first of all, l setted the mask ="###-###"
'then give the value to display

OK, now I understand.

Set the property PromptInclude = False

You can then assign values using the text property:

MaskEdBox1.Mask = "### ###"
MaskEdBox1.PromptInclude = False
MaskEdBox1.Text = 12345

Will Produce the following results:
123 45_
EddieAngAuthor Commented:
yes it is worked, thank everyone !
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