Linux uninstall and LILO

How can I safely uninstall Linux RedHat 4.0 when I have a LILO-boot in my MBR and when I'm running both Win NT and Win 95 on the same computer?

Can I just remove the Linux partitions?
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TalenceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do a "fdisk /MBR" from windows/dos and that's it, no
more LILO. Then you may remove all your linux stuff with fdisk.
OdieAuthor Commented:
I've done what you said, and win95 boots properly but NT doesn't.  Probably because my drive structure is:
primary dos-part (win 95) c:
linux parts
extended dos-part (win nt) d:, e:

the linux parts are deleted and nt probably thinks it's in the wrong partition.

Could you help me on this?

Post this in the NT section, you need to get NT back in the MBR and then set NT's loader to load itself AND win95
OdieAuthor Commented:
OK - I solved it, just edited boot.ini - thanks anyway.
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