Netscape4.05 password problem

I just installed Netscape 4.05 into my existing Netscape folder and suddenly I have to type in my password to connect to the internet every time I open Netscape.  I cannot seem to save it either as the "save Password" box is greyed out.  Is it Netscape's fault or my dial up networking connection's problem?  I am a single user w/Windows 95
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vikki, do you have an icon that says "Network Neighborhood" on your desktop?  If so, do a search for *.pwl files and delete them.  reboot the computer and when it asks to log into windows type in a username (doesn't matter which one) and DON'T put in a password.  click OK twice and you should now be able to save your PW.  ANy more problems, just ask

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vikkiAuthor Commented:
David, thank you for your help.  I don't have "Network Neighborhood" on my desktop but I did a search for *.pwl files and found three.  I did not delete them as I wouldn't know how to follow the rest of your advice.  Do you think the problem might lie in the fact that the very first Netscape I downloaded way back when was a 16 bit (per advice of the Netscape download page) and the two recent updates were 32 bit? I installed the first one (version4.04) in a separate folder then reinstalled it over the old Netscape as I didn't like the way it was performing and I have a fetish about unecessary files clogging up my fast diminishing hard drive.  When I did the latest install (Version 4.05) I installed it over 4.04.  That is when I started having problems holding the password.  I use Windows Messaging for all my email/fax tasks and I rechecked my properties and profiles in the Control Panel.
They keep overriding my choices for some reason and I have to keep changing them back.
I don't know if this is clear to you.  I fiddled around with it so much, I'm not sure it's clear to me.

when you connect to the internet, the connection screen title bar says "connect to?"  you have an icon in my computer that is named "Dial up Networking?"
You have a win95 CD?  or do you have the cab files?  Do a search for w*.cab
This is a problem with win95, you must be logged into it for it to save your PW.
Inside your control panel, double click the network icon and tell me all the components that are installed.
Also, when you click shutdown, what are the choices you have?

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vikkiAuthor Commented:
David, I do have "Dial up Networking".  I have win95 on disks and my search for w*.cab files found nothing.  I've never had a problem with the password in the past two plus years I have owned the computer.  It is just with this last install of Netscape 4.05 that I experienced any problem.  It seems to have corrected itself, however as the "Connect to" window now comes up with a check mark in the "save password" box.  Albeit, it looks different that it originally did.  I also never had to logon to windows before.  It just came up as it should.  On my network icon in the control panel, Dial up adapter and TCP/IP are the installed components.  Primary Network Logon is: Windows Logon.  So, should I just leave well enough alone or continue to fiddle with it.
Vikki, I encountered the same problem.
I was able to get rid of it, but couldn't figure out why until it occured again.
I noticed that when  I had set up more than one account in Dial up Networking
the password would never save.
To check this just open up your Dial Up Networking folder and see how many icons
you have.
If you only have two ('New Connection' and the other should be your account)
and the problem occurs then I must be wrong.
Let me know what happens.
Vikki, did you enter a password when logging into windows?  If you did, do a search for *.pwl files and deleted them.  Reboot the system and login WITHOUT a password.  This will set the system so it doesn't log into windows everytime you reboot.

vikkiAuthor Commented:
To Jcmendoza:  All I have is the New Connection and my account.
To david r:  I do not have a password to log into windows.  
However,  the problem seems to have righted itself for now.  Although the dialog boxes look different than in the past, my "save password"  option seems to be holding.  How that happened, I cannot guess at except that I downloaded a shareware program called "Naviscope" in the middle of this dialog and it changed some netscape files.  I have since uninstalled it and all seems to be working fine.  
I just want to take this opportunity to thank you both for all your help.  Just having a place to go to with problems such as these and having willing knowledgeable people assist is a joy to novices such as me.  Thanks so much
Now how do I go about upgrading the points for your answers?
vikkiAuthor Commented:
Well, it seems to have happened again.  Why, I don't know.......I cannot save my password as the box is greyed out again.  I use Windows Messaging for all my email/fax tasks and I rechecked my properties and profiles in the Control Panel.
     They keep overriding my choices for some reason and I have to keep changing them back. What the heck is going on.  There have been no changes since the last time I experienced this problem.  Please Please help.  I have spent a ton of time on this.
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