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Internet and Red hat

I have free Internet from my school and I am trying to setup it up I have dial in and I need to bring terminal window after dialing to type in my password and login name and choose to start ppp how I can set this in redhat 5.0
1 Solution
I don't use redhat but, let's see how similar it is to slack ware
search your drive for ppp-on, ppp-off, /etc/ppp/options, /etc/ppp/ppp-on-dialer.

You don't need to use a terminal window to do this.  If you have this, it is a login script
backup all these files.
If you have these files, lemme know and I'll post the answer to get you connected

JBURGHARDTAuthor Commented:
When I am using dial-up in windows 95 I have terminal window and I have to type in hostname login and password also choose ppp from listed options and I am going to check on filies I have pppd
Get a little program called pppsetup from www.linuxos.org it will set the whole thing up for you. Just DL it to a floppy and then unzip it and youre allready to go
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JBURGHARDTAuthor Commented:
Red hat have utility to setup ppp but only problem is my school whant me to login using terminal window I have to type hostname login and password also choose option 1 which is ppp
JBURGHARDTAuthor Commented:
In /etc/ppp I have options ip-down, ip-up, pap-secrets, ppp-on-dialer, chap-secretrs
can you vi ip-up and see if it doesn't have variables assigned for phone#, username, password and subnetmask and if it has a pppd script that calls the ppp-on-dialer.
Also look in /usr/sbin and see if you have ppp-on.  
Then vi ppp-on-dialer.  This should be your chat script.
Let me know.
try downloading ezppp
JBURGHARDTAuthor Commented:
In red hat linux I have tools for seting ppp I type in phone number, but also I need to setup chat where I have to put hostname login:
option: 1
there is option for this in ppp setup. I found chat script in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/chat-ppp0
So you have to modify the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/chat-ppp0 to put the login, password and option that you need.

When you have done this, the script will auto-login you into your school and initiate ppp after that.

You can see man chat to see how to modify the file, if you need more help, please, ask for it.

I will try to help you.


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