web too big for frontpage 98?

I want to create a front page web out of an existing folder but everytime I try to import it, it times out.  It is a very large folder w/ about 100 files and 15 folders.  Does anyone know of size limitations or a fix for it?
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is this web local or remote?
jgoodierAuthor Commented:
Either, I can access it directly at the NT 4.0 server or at my desktop.
jgoodierAuthor Commented:
It is already on the server.  I would like to make  it
e:\webroot\myname from e:\webroot\myname
I can change the directory name before I create the web no problem.
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I don't know of any size limitations in FP98. Micro$oft specifically released FP98 saying that all size limitations that exitsed in the 97 version were overcome (namely: 65536 files per directory)

Try importing half of the web, then the other half.

If that does not work, do this:
-delete the new web.
-from the source of your import, copy all files to a directory with the same name as the new web.
 (If you want to create a web 'newweb' and your root directory is c:\webroot, then copy all files from your source to c:\webroot\newweb.
-In the explorer, create a new web (empty web) and enter http://<hostname>/newweb as its location. The web should be created and the already existsing directory newweb should be used along with all the files. Then you can use FP to administer them.

A general note: having so many files in a directory is rather bad prectice because it makes administration hard. Try to split the 100 files up into 10 subdirectories with 10 files each, or even 20 dirs... (you can use FrontPage and it'll take care of the links.)

Hope this helps,
madduck out.

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(did not see your last comment.)
jgoodierAuthor Commented:
Good idea, I have been trying to cut down on the files in the root, 100 is down from 250.  I was hoping someone would say, yes, I had the same problem and then I downloaded this patch from M$.  
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