multiple OS

I want to know if it is possible to have more than one bootable OS on different partitions of one HD.
Ideally I would have a 6Gb HD partitioned into 3x2Gb and have Windows 95, Windows NT and Solaris x86 on its own partition.
I would like to have the choice on boot of which operating system to boot from.

Can this be done?
How difficult is it?
Would any of the aforementioned Operating Systems take precedence (ie have to be installed first)?
Is any other software required?
If it is not possible with only one disk is it possible with multiple disks?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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I believe WinNT comes with a multi-OS loader.  Check out the help files and documentation.
Yes, this is possible.
Both Windows 95 and Windows NT support muli-boot OS. You can install each one of them on a different partition. I have no idea  however about whether Solaris x86 supports this.
Oh... sorry, I typed muli-boot (meant multi-boot).
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gormenghastAuthor Commented:
Hi isaacguy
Thanks for the comment -- I will check it out.

Hi kamall
Thanks for your response -- I would really like a bit more detail if possible, with particular regard to any problems I might have in doing this, or some pointers to where I could find out some more information. So if you dont mind at this stage I would like to reopen the question for further comment.
I have both Windows 95 and Windows NT on my disk without any problems, thats why I adviced you.
If you feel sometime that I allready provided a good answer, please comment me to re-lock the question and get the points.
There is a program called "System Commander" that sounds like it
would be perfect for what you`re asking.Go to:
<> I think this will solve your problem.


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Hi tylox
I checked out "System Commander" -- It looks ideal.
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