DOS cd-drive setup

I have a 24x BTC cd drive, model no. BCD 24x HM. I've installed the drive on an old Dell 486s/L desktop computer. I installed the driver on the diskette that came with it, labelled BTC,
ATApi cd-rom device driver Installation diskette, version 2.5.
I get an error message that reads: cdrom driver not ready, no drives found  aborting installation.
I press a for abort and the the screen says: Device driver not found: 'BTCCD001'
no valid cdrom device drivers selected.
Config.sys contents:
REM******** BTC DEVICE DRIVER***************
Autoexec.bat contents:
REM********BTC DEVICE DRIVER******************
I have tried changing D:BTCCD001 to MSCD001. Same result.
I downloded the newest driver version 2.6 and installed this. Same result.
I have the cd drive connected to an ISA-Bus to IDE controller card. The card works because I connected my hard drive to it and it booted up fine. I moved the jumper on the cd drive to master and secondary slave. On master, the machine would not boot. on the the other slave setting, I got the same result as the original. I have moved the jumper back to the original setting, in the middle. For what it's worth the drive light does not come on, although the tray opens and closes. This is the second time I've come across this problem, different machine and drive. I sent the other back for a refund after a week of fustration and tech support had no clue.
Any suggestions on getting this drive to work?
Thanks, elden
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busukaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
elden, if BTC has standard ATAPI interface, there should not be
problem to connect it. First thing to check is cable: red marked
wire should be connected to pin 1 on both ends. You can connect
it as slave to HD (primary) or Master/Single on Secondary IDE port.
I suggest to try another driver, which searches IDE ports for
ATAPI-hardware. Give me your e-mail and I'll send it (about 12K).
I've got it with Acer CD-ROM, but it works perfectly with Creative
Infra 18oo + Goldstar GR-580B connected together.
eldenAuthor Commented:
email address:
I'd like to evaluate response when I try the new driver.
Thanks, Dennis
If all connections are correct, check the path for the CDROM driver.
Does it reside in a "BTCCDROM" subdirectory of drive C:?
If not, correct the path to it in config.sys file.
I don't know if it is a typo, but you need a comma after the 9 in the stacks statement.

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In re-reading your question, I'm unclear about the hard drive.
Is the hard drive interface other than IDE?
Is it connected to the same IDE card that you have for the CDROM?
If not, has the card been added in addition to one already in the computer?

eldenAuthor Commented:
Hi, the hard drive is ide. I purchased a ide interface card to use on the cd drive because there was only one ide slot and it was being used by the hard drive. The cable on the hard drive was too short and had only two connectors, one for the hard drive and the ide slot on motherboard. To make sure the new interface card was working I connected the hard drive to it. It worked just fine. I reconnected the hard drive to mother board and reconnected the cd drive to interface card. This suggestion came from the vendor's tech support.
Is it possible to disable the on-board port so that both devices can be connected to the interface card?
Did you get documentation with the interface card?  Unless it is one with a BIOS on it, you can only have two IDE devices on that 486.
Otherwise, you will probably need to change the address/IRQ on the card, so that the CD software can find it.
You will want to set hard drive to master, CDROM as slave.

The simplest way to solve this would be to get a longer IDE data cable with connectors for two devices.  You won't need the extra interface card then.

eldenAuthor Commented:
I rated the answer as excellent for busuka, however, it was rmarotta answer that did the trick. I leave it up to you give the credit. Thanks to all.
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