MoveFileEx fails under WIN NT 4 WorkStation

Under win nt 4 workstation (ver 4.00.1381), I use my own installer for a very specific task of replacing a dll that is in use.

If I call MoveFileEx(Src, Dst, MOVEFILE_DELAY_UNTIL_REBOOT), nothing happends.

I looked up MSDN and the say that it is supposed to create a registry key at
Control\Session Manager\PendingFileRenameOperations

But it doesn't.

I put it manually and it didn't make a difference.

Please help.
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ssiteAuthor Commented:
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Does the MoveFileEx() call return non-zero indicating an error occured?  If so, did you call GetLastError() to get the error code?  Are the paths you are specifying correct?  If nothing else, can you post your code?
ssiteAuthor Commented:
It doesn't return an error.

Am I supposed to use long, or short file names ?
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you can always use short names.  To the best of my knowledge, all Windows API functions will also take long names--certainly this one would.  

Can you post the code?
Before your call to actually move the file, delete the original:


This is how it's documented in platform SDK.

You can also try adding the MOVEFILE_REPLACE_EXISTING flag to your code. I never tested if this flag works before the test involves rebooting.


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ssiteAuthor Commented:
I am away from the office for 24 hours. I will test it when I get back and confirm the answer.
Thanks for now.
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