386 Installation Problem

Computer: Compaq 386 16Megs Ram 640 Maxtor 71084-a hard drive.  CDROM, Sound Card, VGA Monitor, DOS 6.0

Unable to get Windows95 installed.  Installation errors
out after all files have been copied.  Receiving the
following Windows error:

 "A Fatal Exception 0E Has occurred at 0137:BFF7FFD0"

Tried loading computer up three times.  Experienced
same error every time.

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treisAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
I've checked www.microsoft.com site. They has requirements for
Windows95 486/25 or better. I'm sorry but you out of luck: you
can't install Win95 on 386
treisAuthor Commented:
Has anyone installed Windows95 on a 386 computer ??
Mark AertsCommented:
Win95 needs a 386DX (it won't work on an SX) processor and 4 MB RAM to install!!!!
I installed it several times!!!
Your problem is probably a memory manager such as EMM386 or something!!!!!!
First upgrade your DOS to 6.22 then delete everything out of your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT except HIMEM.SYS and try again (your WIN95 directory must been copied to your harddisk before trying this!!!)

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So direct your UUUUUHHHH to Microsoft, maybe personally to Bill Gates. This is not
what I dreamed, this is what they say.
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