disabling a hard drive

I have 3 hard drives and a CD-rom on my computer.  On the same computer,I have 4 power cables.  How can I disable a hard drive so I can install a tape backup into the 4th power cable, yet at some later point in time, take out the tape backup, plug the 3rd hard drive back in, and be able to reenable it.  Thanks in advance.
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If you have room, buy a y-power splitter for $3 from any electronics store and permanently install your tape backup. To disable the hard drive, just change your BIOS to say none for the 3rd hard drive.
toddgreenAuthor Commented:
What [datn] said may be true about finding the item at a local electronics store.  I have only looked at office supplies stores thus far.  As far as disabling the hard drive in the BIOS, two issues come up.  Number one is the fact that if that were the type of solution I was wanting, I would have posted my question to the hardware general group and not to the windows 95 setup group.  Number two is the fact that i have tried that, and Windows 95 locks up on me less than 30 seconds after the desktop appears.  I want to be able to (whether or not I find the y-power cable) tell windows 95 that those two drives (the disk as 2 partitions on it) shouldn't (temporarily) exist any more - something like disabling the controller in my current profile - but for disk drivers since the controller that runs that hard drive also controls the cdrom which I still want to be able to use.  Windows 95 will not let me "delete" those two drives.           If I were to delete the disk drive in device manager (the disk drive - not the drive controller), and then re-add the hard drive in, would win95 see the hard drive the same as it does now and see both partitions on it as well (as a possible solution)?

This question that you're asking doesn't require you to do anything. Just swap out the hardware. Windows will detect that the hard drive is gone, and it'll automatically detect whenever you re-install it.
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How are the drives currently configured?
Is the CDROM master or slave with which one of the hard drives?
Is the tape drive an IDE device?

toddgreenAuthor Commented:
To jlove1: If that were the answer, I would not have commented to datn's answer as I did.  The problem that I am currently having is that if I take away those drives (the two partitions on the one physical hard drive), windows freezes/dies on me.  I need a way to either tell win95 that that drive no longer exists or force win95 to not look for it.

Regarding rmarotta's comment, which I really liked, the following is the configuration: HD controller1/primary (all HD controllers are IDE) has a master (my main win95 drive), and a slave drive (my drive to mess with [has held windows nt server 4.0 on it, but was recently formatted and is currently, if that makes any difference]).  HD controller2/secondary has a master which is my CDRom (which I would like to keep throughout any and all operations), and a slave (the hard drive that I am trying to disable).  I also have a floppy controller which supports my floppy disk drive and will have the new tape backup.
          Now that I think about it, that means that I have 5 power cables instead of 4, as stated earlier, and that I would need 6 power cables to power everything, of which my computer has only 5 coming from the power supply.  None of the aforementioned power comes from the motherboard and there is no way to do that.
I think I understand more of you're "buggy" sounding problem.

I think you should try using "multiple hardware configuration profiles"..

Try This. Boot up the computer normally. (with the hard drives attatched). Right Click on My Computer. Click on Properties. Click on Hardware Profiles. Click on Copy. give it a name (like "Tape Configuration").

Then Reboot and at the prompt choose "Tape Configuration".
Go into device manager and remove the hard drive.
Then, reboot again.

Whenever the tape is in, choose "Tape Configuration".
Whenever the HD's are in, choose "Original Configuration".


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Forget that! .........
Leave everything as it is.
If the tape drive runs off the floppy controller, you don't have to do a thing with the hard drives!
Simply use a "Y" connector on a power lead for both the tape drive & the nearest available IDE drive.
Install your tape software, and you're done.

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I've got more than three words!
Maybe you should try some of your own advice.

There is no need for swapping stuff around if the tape drive isn't an IDE device.
Perhaps I'm mistaken, but originally, weren't you under the impression that you MUST remove something in order to install the tape drive in your computer?
That's why I asked if the tape drive was IDE in my first comment!
When you later said it worked with the floppy controller, it became clear that you won't have to shuffle anything around to make it all work.
Unless you have some other reason for doing so.......
Let me know, and reject that proposed answer if it doesn't help.

And, BTW, guy is short of power cords, so nothing will help until
he get Y-power cord.
Is there any progress with this problem, toddgreen?

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