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When searching for a spicific topic like 'GlobalMemoryStatus' in the index of Delphi 3 Help, nothing is found.  If, however I type it in my editor and press F1 while my cursor is on it, I get a page of info on it.

I have read the help on help, but could not find where I must configure it.

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sabog7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
put your cursor on it and then press Crlt+F1..
that should do it....
bra033098Author Commented:

Yes, I realize that I can do this, but this does not solve my problem. This means that I have to go back into the editor every time I want to query something. I would prefer it if I can also see these topics in the index, and more importantly, if they are also included in word search.  Ctrl+F1 works great if you know the command you are looking for, but not if you are looking for a command.

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