accessing html user's LAN login name

Is it possible to access the user's login name using CGI? If not, can java applet or anything else do the same? What about the environment variables that HTML returns? How are they accessed using C++ CGI program?
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OMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First of all it's not polite (read: acceptable)
to get access of the login name
of an user *without explicitly* telling him what you are doing.
Second, there is environment variable in CGI script named :


     If the HTTP server supports RFC 931 identification, then this variable will be set to the remote user name
     retrieved from the server. Usage of this variable should be limited to logging only.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the access to this identification system is always absent or restricted.

REMOTE_IDENT is only set when there is web server's access control _enabled_ (like on this site), and what you get is the user's login name related to - of course - web server's access control.

Also, since those who get REMOTE_IDENT are the same people who have set up an account for you, i cannot see it as being particularly against privacy.
Sorry Julio, but I cut and paste from HTTP/1.0 spec and
I confirm that REMOTE_IDENT if got from RFC931 indentifcation
What you are refering to is REMOTE_USER :

     If the server supports user authentication, and the script is protected, this is the username they have authenticated


Me, i'm sorry OM, because i made you waste your time... i.e. you're right.
All right.But we are all waiting for indranil reaction :
either accept or reject the answer.
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