Funny behaviour of mouse click...


This is a simple scenario but I can't figure why it happens and how to solve it:

There are 2 edit boxes in a form, with their Caption set as the original value, ie Edit1 and Edit2. Now, in the OnEnter event of Edit1 (chosen arbitrarily), this code is written

OK, now if we run this program, and first click on Edit2, so far so good. Now, if we click on Edit1, the message comes out, and if we press OK, the focus returns to Edit1. OK, notice that the text is being selected as the mouse moves...

How do prevent this? I don't want the select thing to occur, but instead want the cursor to remain still in the edit box.

My feeling is i have to trap for the mouse event. Any other ideas?

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Change the autoselect to false and the text won't be selected during the onenter event of the Tedit box.

keithcslAuthor Commented:

sorry but it doesn't work. i have got a small exe file and if u r interested to test it out, that's great..

Can u send it to , I will take a look

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I think that OnEnter is the wrong event - try others like OnMouseUp, or OnClick, just see what you got there...

Good luck!

PS you can send me this too...
Just place the following after showmessage:
  PostMessage(edit1.handle, WM_LBUTTONUP,0,0);
regards, igor

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keithcslAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer. I have actually tried the PostMessage but placed it before the ShowMessage rather than after. But it is working now...

PJDB, Matvey
I have sent u a copy of the .exe. Sorry I could not have sent it earlier...

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