Euro Font

Does anybody know how to display the Euro font in win 95 ?
   i've tried installing the new fonts and inserting them into a
document via word but
   it does not appear in the font or in symbols.  I've managed in NT4
but no luck in
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You have to change language prereferences. Select the language that uses special characters in this Euro font and word will automatically change to that code table.

Please explain your problem further if this doesn't solve it.

chrislbAuthor Commented:
I have Tried this also When the font with the upgraded symbol is used and then insert symbol is used there is no sign of it.  In NT the symbol is in the Normal Text Subnet Currency but again not in 95
To install a new font, open the "Fonts" folder in the Control panel.
Then choose File-->Install new font...

Browse to the localtionof the font, and select it. It should now display the exact name of the font aswell.

This is the correct way to install new fonts!

The problem that they don't appear on you screen... Have you tried to print it out? What did that do ?

Kins regards,
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Simon, please read the question first! Obviously Chris knows how to install the font!!!!

Oh I see... you used insert symbol and yet you get a blank box? Correct? Or nothing,  just an empty space?!

Please tell me what printer are you using? Can you see the font on the display? Can you print it out?

If you can see it on display and cannot print it out than I have an idea!


just making sure he does knwo how to install fonts. You know you can't use fonts if they are not properly installed !

chrislbAuthor Commented:
the fonts are installed via a .EXE file Microsoft supplied..
The problem is that the Euro symbol does not show up anywhere
when it should so this leaves printing it redundant.
Please do answer my questions above or this will be a wild goose chase.. You have to send me as much as information as possible so I can exclude the obvious.

Please, try again: Run character map again - alone! Be sure you have selected the correct font! Can you see the sign you need?!

Can you copy it?!

Can you paste it to any other app than word (wordpad, corel draw..anything!!!!)

What do you get? Blank, empty box, etc..

You don't see the caracter at all?! It does not appear in character map.. Where it appears normally (position in 255 map)

Send me the font to an explain me what character exactly you need!!


Hi, Chrislb
try this trick -

You install Windows 95/NT, install your Word Processing
program (like MS Word), or use MS Wordpad, you can’t
choose between the fonts you have installed in your
Fonts-folder. How come? Well, very simple.

It’s caused by the fact you don’t have a printer installed.
So, to resolve this problem, install a printer. It doesn’t
matter wether or not you have a printer, as long Windows
thinks you have one.

Go to Start - Settings - Printer
Doubleclick Add Printer
Answer the questions you’re being asked.
If you’re at the point of choosing a printer, select any
type you wish.  You can choose also a Laserprinter
if you like. Doesn’t matter, just make sure you don’t
print a testpage.

After you’ve installed the printer, you may have to restart
Windows in order to test it.

After that, the fonts are available in your Word Processing

Regards, Happy1
chrislbAuthor Commented:
None of that works.
When the font is loaded and you go into word enter insert/symbol load the font table which has the Euro Symbol it is not there.
I know that the symbol is there because i have viewed it via a font viewer which shows you all fonts and there design patterns.
But as i said it is not available to use anywhere. There is no empty box it is just not there.  As i said earlier i have it in NT by using a system patch supplied for the job but 95 still eludes me.
Load the Character Map (yes, even Win95 still has one).  Choose the font and all characters assigned to it will appear.  The european symbol, if it exists for the particular font you have chosen, will be there.  Load your Word DOC and use a simple cut and paste command to copy the symbol chosen from the character map to your DOC.

IF, the EU symbol is not listed as a character for that font, you have to choose a different font that supports the symbol.  Your text can remain the font you want, but the symbol will need to be different, but that really isn't a big deal.
chrislbAuthor Commented:
No the Symbol is not viewable anywhere!.
Has anybody been able to view it via 95 ?
it looks like this €€€€ or if you can't view it it looks like a
C with 2 dashes horozontaly through the middle.
The Euro currency symbol '€' is character 128 in my Windows system fonts. I can type this symbol by typing Alt-0128 in all of my Windows applications. (Please note, however, that I am using the US English version of Windows98 here.) Depending on your locality, this character may be mapped to a different position based on the Windows codepage you're using.

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Not a solution, but it might provide a further clue for a 'real' expert!  I can offer the basic workaround which I use - not elegant but at least it works on screen.  
I can only get the symbol to display in applications in which use the Tahoma updated font (downloaded from MS).  Word 97's 'insert symbol' function certainly lists the Euro symbol in this font (in the currency subset), and I insert it and if necessary cut and paste to another application.  Once in the latter, provided the same font is used, the symbol displays.  In any other font it displays the following character: ? (which appears as a question mark on my W95 system).  It doesn't display in the Character Map, as the latter doesn't display all the available characters for high-spec fonts.

My autoexec.bat includes the following - maybe this is another clue?

mode con codepage prepare=((850) c:\windows\COMMAND\ega.cpi)
mode con codepage select=850

So far so good - except my printer then prints an 'X'!!
chrislbAuthor Commented:
I now havi it working in 95 and office 97. cheers
But i am still unable to access it via 95 and office 95
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