Hard drives changing letters

I have a 4 HD installation with partitions like this:

a. IDE-1 master
b. IDE-1 slave with two partitions b1 & b2.
c. CDROM on IDE-2 master
d. IDE-2 slave with 3 partitions c1 c2 & c3
e. SCSI drive

I want the drive letters to be (from c: onwards):
a b1 b2 d1 d2 d3 e c
This works fine but if I reboot without shuting down the power I get:
a b1 d1 b2 d2 d3 e c
Any idea ?
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busukaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is simple task. BUT, you need repartition your IDE drives:
IDE1 Master should contain Primary partition and may contain
Now trick: IDE1 Slave and IDE2 Slave should NOT contain Primary
partitions, only Extended
Am I to understand you correctly that you have set  up the order the way you want and if you ctrl-alt-del or press the reset you lose your desired setup of drive order but if you turn of the power and power backup you don't.
Yeah, little explanation: Win95 still have DOS ideas in basis.
According to DOS layout of partition always this:
Primary1, Primary2, ..., PrimaryN, Extended1, Extended2, ..., ExtendedN
(as you already know Primary partition is one disk letter, Extended
contains all others)
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draz020397Author Commented:
Are you sure ? This seems strange as lvc understood correctly - I have the order right untill I ctrl-alt-del.
About HD letters arrangement I'm 100% sure. It's not a guess. It's
already working method. draz, how you arrange HD letters before
reboot. Do you use some special tool ? Also when boot, press F8
right after message 'Starting Win95' and select command prompt
from menu. IF you repartitioned according with my suggestion you
should receive desired result. If you see, that letter arrangement
changed again, this might be sign of virus.
draz020397Author Commented:
Is there a way to repartition without loosing the data ?
Yes, this can be achieved with program Partition Magic (made by PowerQuest).
Unfortunately it's commercial software. You can read its review made by ComputerWorld:
Otherwise: backup and FDISK. I don't know any shareware/freeware packet that can do
same things as PartMagic.
Thanks busuka,
Another excellent answer I'm going to steal from you.
If you see it posted exactly like you've written, well you'll know where It came from.

Where you say 'extendedN", I assuming you mean no primary??

:-) Be my guest, Bud.
X1, X2, ..., XN is standard mathematical writing of row of N members.
For draz situation Primary should be only one (N=1), Extended partitions can be N times.
[2..N] drives should have only Extended partition.

(I'm ex-mathematic ;)
Got it, thanks.

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