Search algorithm

1st part.How to implement A* search algorithm in C++ 2nd part how to use this implementation to solve the 8-puzzle problem.
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RONSLOWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What do you mean by a "* search algorithm"?

What is the 8-puzzle problem?

Please provide more information about your assignment question.

Also don't expect anyone here to do your homework for you .. we wil help you with problems you are having with your code, but will NOT write it for you.

LOGANSANAuthor Commented:
The starting state is started by reading in 9 integers in which the first three represent the top row of tiles the second three represent the middle row of tiles and the last three represent the last row.  The blank tile is lablled 0.  The others are labelled 1-8.  Ex. 2 6 0 4 8 3 1 5 7.  Please document so I can understand what was done.
Roger, I agree about the homework part by why would you lock the question thus preventing LOGANSAN from realizing the error of his ways and deleting the question?  Was there some ulterior motive involved?
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nope - no ulterior motive.

If it IS homework, then it'll cost him points to get rid of it (which might discourage him from getting us to do his assignments for him).  And it might also encourage him to do some work first and put up a starting point for his code so we can then help him further.

If it IS NOT homework, then he can reject the answer and we can continue to help with a genuine problem.

I usually post "we won't do your homework for you" messages as answers for that reason.

LOGANSANAuthor Commented:
I need to see an implementation of the A-star algorithm in C++.
I can't find in books in my area with a example of the A_star algorithm just the theory behind it.  I need this in order to write a program to modify the A-star algorithm and then use it.  However, I am having trouble getting started.
Comment on A-star algorithm:
1 set L ot be a list containing the initial node of the problem
2 let n be node on L for which f(n)=g(n)+h'(n) is minimal. If L is empty fail
3 if n is a goal node, stop and return it and the path from the initial node to n
4 otherwise remove n from L and add to L all of n's children labeling each child with its path from the initial node return to step 2
I can give you some pointers to get you started:

(I suggest you reopen the question)
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