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Comparing date in C

Is there any way to compare a date with the system's date? If so, how do i do it?

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you can get the current date and time and compare it difftime

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use the time() function to get the current system time (time_t)
convert your date into time_t type (which function you use depends on which date/time format your date is in).  THen use difftime() to compare the two times to get a difference in seconds.

GreatOneAuthor Commented:
that works well for comparing times, but how does that help me compare dates? In my code, i only want it to do certain things depending on the date. I dont see how this will help.
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A date IS a time.

Convert the date obeject from whatever date/time format you have into a time_t and then compare.

Alternatively, turn both the system date and your date into strings and do a string compare.

What is the format of your date?
What kinds of comparisons do you need to do?
GreatOneAuthor Commented:
The way I get the date from the system is to use the following code:

time_t now;

and then i display it by using ctime(&now). the output is

DDD MMM dd hh:mm:ss yyyy

is there a better way to get the time?
The idea is for my program to do certain things on certain dates. I stored the dates as strings in an array and want it to compare it to the current date. the problem with my method is the time is  included when i get the current system date. got any ideas?

simply convert the time into string using ctime (as you have already done)

then blank out the hh:mm:ss characters.

you can then compare these date strings for equality.

pr you can use localtime to convert your time_t into a struct tm and from there you can test, say, the tm_year and tm_yday values for a given day.

GreatOneAuthor Commented:
Thanks ronslow. using localtime made it very easy to accomplish my task.
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