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I have a system setup that forwards mail automatically to another system. When that other system is down it stores it in a mailbox.
My question is what command do I use to re-send the messages in that mailbox when the system comes up again.
Suppose the mailbox is in the file: /var/mail/root

The complication is that I want the messages sent as individual messages as they came in the box not as one big message going out.

Thanks for your help.
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goodboy042198Author Commented:
I tried the command:
mail < /var/mail/root
and the message came out as one big one instead of little individual ones.

Hope you can help.
Waht box are you using ? What mailer are you using ?
If you use sendmail it is a already a feature.

goodboy042198Author Commented:
Yes I am using Sendmail. What command would I use?

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man sendmail :

     -q[time]        Process saved messages in the queue at given
                    intervals.   If  time is omitted, process the
                    queue  once.   time  is  given  as  a  tagged
                    number,   with   s  being  seconds,  m  being
                    minutes, h being hours, d being days,  and  w
                    being  weeks.   For example, -q1h30m or -q90m
                    would both set the timeout to one hour thirty

goodboy042198Author Commented:

Unfortunately this won't work because the mail is no longer in the queue but has been sent to a mailbox.
Is there a way around this?

nawk 'BEGIN{cmd="/usr/lib/sendmail -t";} /^From /{close(cmd); next;} {print | cmd }' < /var/mail/root

Funny, isn't it ?

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goodboy042198Author Commented:
Terrific. Thank you very very much. It works great.
Before you take the points and run off :o) could you just answer a quick question... i gather this is a script that reads in each line of the mailbox and separates each message by the "From " 
string..  is that correct? what if in the message itself there was a From string? I am sorry about all these questions i just want to be sure that it will always works.

Thanks. again

The script is spliting mailbox with File *begining* with
"From ". Mailer should replace lines begining with "From "
by " From " for example. If it is not done, you have to
consider the length of the body (if set) in the mail headers.
This will give you a little bit longer script but this
is possible to do it.
goodboy042198Author Commented:
Ok. This is what I thought. Thanks again!!
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