Exchange / server auto-frwd e-mails

I have a domain user w/ e-mail on our Exchange server that frequently travels out of our domain, and we have not yet open our server to external access, so therefor we would like to be able to have the serve automatically forward message to this user to his personal e-mail account

I found the setting to allow delievery to another domain user, but do I need to create an alias on our system for his e-mail account, or can I do it another way??  As the first option would not be preferable since that would open his person e-mail address to the rest of our company, which would not be very nice *G*
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I've found the best way to do this is in the exchange client using rules.  The user can set up a rule to forward all incomming email to his/her personal account.  Once the rule is saved, it is stored on the exchange server, and email is then forwarded.

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chapieAuthor Commented:
hmm...I'll have to test this out becuase I use rules extensively, except it's to only move items to new folders..

also, I havea util that checks exchagne server for new messages, and they arrive into the Inbox on my local drive as normal, except they don't move into the sub-folder until I open Outlook..but that might just be something todo with the local folder not being could be possible to forward though..I'll verify tomorrow on m yown account(s) and get back to ya
In the Exchange Administrator on the select the user and choose the delivery options. You will find something called alternate recipient. From there choose the alternate recipient you want to forward to. I hope this should solve your problem.

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Note Delivery means incoming messages delivery.
chapieAuthor Commented:
gowishankar....I wonder if you read through both paragraph's of my the 2nd paragraph I mention finding the same option you brought up in your reply..I was hoping to find info on sending the message outside of the NT domain, that option appears to only be valid via the list of 'receipients', so do I have to create an alias that would be available to all members inside the domain or can I hide the external handle
Configure your Internet Mail Services for Exchange. Then in the clients Inbox assistant Add rules, leave the From and To column blank and in the Forward entry enter the personal email address and apply. when this is done it will forward all the messages that comes in to the personal email address. You can see the messages getting queued in the Internet Mail services queues once the messages are delivered in to the Inbox. Hope you have configured your Internet Mail Services for Microsoft Exchange. If you have any difficulties in configuring Internet Mail Services for Microsoft Exchange let me know. Internet Mail Services comes as a part of Microsoft Exchange V5. You can configure it to flush the queue on a periodic interval.


A Gowri Shankar
chapieAuthor Commented:
gowishankar...I'm suprised to see you posted such an extensive comment last time with the question locked...unfortunately you must have skipped reading the first 2 posts to the question where august provided an answer I told him I would be testing...basically he told me the same thing without going into such detail..and since I just was finally able to test it yesterday (btw, I have to remember to turn that off or whenever a friend e-nail's me he's going to keep getting it returned to him *G*)

it works fine, and I already knew how to configure the settings, I just took for granted (falsely) that the rules only applied when you had the client loaded

Since August posted first, and I didn't really need additional details I can only fairly award August the points
S ConnellyTechnical WriterCommented:
I realise that you haven't opened the Exchange server to external access and I'm wondering why?  

Assuming that you are using Exchange v5+, you could allow specific individuals to access email via HTTP or POP3 (IMAP4 if using v5.5).  Through HTTP, you get a nice web connection to email (entire public and private mail boxes) and POP3 allows any POP3 email program such as Netscape, Eudora, etc to access inbox email.

BTW, forwarding via "Inbox assistant" rules does work and you do not require that client's computer to be left on.  The rules are controlled at the server; August failed to point this out.

chapieAuthor Commented:
oops, I thought that when I made the last comment that I also graded it, must have slipped my mind, well I'll save it for next time.

the reason the Exchange server isn't open to external access, well initially was because there was no dedicated connection to the system...that was finally installed just recently, but because the initial administrator was a productin design engineer and not an MIS professional there have been security issues that need to be rectified before opening up access to the outside world...and besides that there's no rush, since only 1 person in this rather small sized company spends very long off-site and would benefit from this type of setup

BTW just because I stated Exchange wasn't open to the public doesn't mean we couldn't access it with HTTP and/or Eudora, etc.etc.  That was already capable, you just have to be on-site to do any of that

Also, what was your comment about "Delivery means incoming messages delivery."
did we feel some special need to state the obvious??
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