DEC OSF/1 - /etc/passwd locked

/etc/passwd and /etc/group  are locked by the system.   This happened after a system crash (bad power supply, fixed now) where dxaccounts was up and running befopre the crash.
Now I can only modify the user database by manually editing the files .   This is very annoying,   Ive searched all over and I cant find how to register them unlocked.

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What do you mean by "locked" ? If you success in editing them
by hand, there are not locked !
olafAuthor Commented:
Ok sorry,  I wasnt specific enough..

Commands such as  dXaccounts, adduser, useradd usermod, etc...    wont work,  they return with an error message stating that its in use by another user.    Even though I have nothing against useing vi for editing ,  its much more convenient using the other programs in a multi-user enviroment

I believe that "locked" in this case means "there is a lock file", which existence indicates that the file is being updated.
Try to find file (in /etc ??) with 0 length, which can be lock candidate.


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olafAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks..  I had looked for files that could be the lock..  But your suggestion of zero length got me the right file..

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